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  • Hello Carolina, If this problem is at production environment, you must open a case priority 1 via phone (check phone numbers at https://www.broadcom.com/support/software/contact ). If not, open a case too, with different priority. Please add hserver ...

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  • The scenario is as follows: Win server 2016, sql server 2016, Harvest 13.03 From a sql server 2008 database with harvest 12.6, the database was restored in sql server 2016 and configured with the HDBsetup application. The connection works fine, load ...

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    Is it possible to check out all versions of an item so that instead of having just the latest version in the checkout location you have all versions of that item in the checkout location? Example file1a.txt has 25 versions. I want to check out all 25 ...

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    Please see below screenshot. Workbench 13.0.4 works fine until it is left to timeout due to inactivity. The Workbench hang up and we get the following error. After sometime, when I check the Server, its service is stopped as well. Is there a lock or something ...

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