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  • Hello Adam, Can you raise a support ticket ? Will upload a testfix to the same case and all further communication will done through case activity. Thanks, Sridhar

  • Hello Adam, Thanks for the information. We are reviewing the use case. Will update you with our findings. Thanks, Sridhar

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  • Posted in: Harvest

    Good day, Is there a way to prevent users from approving their own packages? Eg. Developer A and developer B are the only two approvers in the Merge state. Developer A should be able to approve developer B's packages, and vice versa, but not their own. ...

  • Posted in: Harvest

    Hi, Is there a default user with read only access that I can use to generate custom reports, or should I create my own? Kind regards, Jarus

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  • Harvest v14.0.0 plugin is now certified with Eclipse IDE's 4.19 and 4.20 Harvest Plugin can be downloaded from   Broadcom Support . For additional details and compatibility with Java, refer to the techdocs pages Installation instructions ...

  • CA Harvest SCM v13.0.4 is added with new Certifications below… CA Harvest SCM v13.0.4 is now certified with Windows 2019 Server  CA Harvest SCM v13.0.4 is now certified with Microsoft SQL Server 2019   For Harvest server build to be used on ...