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CA Harvest SCM v14.5 HOT FIXES Availability

  • 1.  CA Harvest SCM v14.5 HOT FIXES Availability

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Apr 30, 2024 07:21 AM

    CA Harvest SCM V14.5 Hot Fixes are now available!!

    The hotfixes downloads are available from the Broadcom Support Portal

    These hotfixes are available on platforms Windows 64, Linux 64 and Zlinux 64 for Server, Client and Agent components.

    These fixes include  performance improvements on server ,  administrator features like copy processes , Delete snapshots and sorting order for column views on the admin UI and a few bug fixes.

    More details of hotfixes  install instructions can be accessed from documentation uploaded in the Broadcom Support Portal

    Harvest v14.5 release notes also includes these details and can be accessed from here

    For any additional information, please reach out to the below contacts

    Praveen Kumar Gudupally – praveenkumar.gudupalli@broadcom.com

    Balakrishna Shantamurthy - balakrishna.shantamurthy@broadcom.com

    (Harvest Engineering Team)