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  • Yes, we changed the password for the dbuser and change using wcc_config. Cheers, Liz Maria Eliza C. Narvadez CA AutoSys Administrator Essilor Shared Services Philippines Incorporated T: (+632) 873 7774 M: (+63) ...

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    RE: WCC login problem

    Hi Liz, Are you able to resolve the issue?  I am also getting the same issue.  I am able to successfully access to database with the same user failing while launching the WCC.  How to resolve this? Thanks Soundar

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  • Can anyone explain to me why the commands "autoping -M ALL" and "autorep -M ALL" reference different machines please? What are these commands doing behind the scenes? When I run autorep -M ALL in one of our environments it returns a list of the machines ...

  • I am looking for Job codes cross reference information. It was used to command, box, and file watcher, and there are close 50 job types. I am looking at the database and producing some queries results, where I am getting a job type codes, I cannot find ...

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  • Date: October 24, 2019 To: CA Workload Automation iXp Customers  From: The CA Technologies CA Workload Automation Team Subject: Announcement for CA Workload Automation iXp On behalf of Broadcom, we appreciate your business and the opportunity ...

  • CA Workload Automation iXp Support Announcement Date: October 15, 2019 The CA Workload Automation iXp JAR files are signed with an SSL certificate, so that the JAR files are trusted by the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).  The JAR files in the ...

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