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  • Hi Oana, Yes this helps. We were able to configure LDAPS in AAKE using keystore in JWP. So now once it is done the existing LDAP users were able to login successfully to the clients. However when we try to add a existing LDAP user to another client ...

  • Hi Doug, try this: select OH_Client, OH_Name, OCV_VName, OCV_Value from OCV inner join OH on (OCV_OH_Idnr = OH_Idnr) where OH_Name = 'CONN.<yourname>' and OH_DeleteFlag = 0 order by OCV_VName; best, Peter ------------------------------ ...

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  • Good Morning, I'm raising here the query after redirection from Broadcom support portal. Has anyone of you set up successfully monitoring with any solution / tool using clickpath, so to check for example that there will be possibility to log ...

  • Hi team, One of my customers has the problem that the input mask gets stuck when changing the password (V21.0.8). Has anyone of you ever had this? Thanks in advance Christoph ------------------------------