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  • Extension to Automic Automation V12.3 EOS

    Broadcom is committed to bringing great products to market that meet our customers' short and long-term needs. This means listening to our customers when designing compelling new products and providing world class support throughout the product life cycle.

    Automic Automation V21, released on September 30, 2021, has major enhancements, including:Support for industry-standard TLS for secure communication.

    • Cloud-native Kubernetes deployment options for the Automation Engine and Agents
    • New integrations in support of on-premises workloads moving to the cloud
    • Enhanced intrinsic security
    • A significant number of customers have already successfully upgraded to Automic Automation V21 and are enjoying the benefits delivered by the new capabilities.

    We are aware that several customers are still in the process of upgrading their environments to Automic Automation V21 and may require additional time to complete the upgrade. We are extending the support period for Automic Automation V12.3 in order to help such customers plan and execute their V21 upgrade successfully while ensuring their critical production environments continue receiving support.

    Originally, Automic Automation V12.3 and Automic Continuous Delivery Automation (CDA) V12.3 were scheduled to reach their EOS (End of Support) on June 30, 2023. We are extending this date by 7 months. The new and final End of Support date for Automic Automation and CDA V12.3 is January 31, 2024. During this extended period, Critical Maintenance Updates for Automic Automation will be made in exceptional cases only at the discretion of product management.

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