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  • Big News: Automic SaaS has launched!

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  • Hi Karthick, Automic supports SMTP and SMTPS. From what I see from the sendgrid documentation it supports SMTP and SMTPS too. That means that you should be able to configure the native Mail integration at the link that @Peter Grundler shared. Regards, ...

  • Hello Steven, The only available documentation unfortunately is the official one. It lacks of precise explanation or even good examples but... its something. LINK Ive checked in both v21 and v24 documentation but it looks like there is no exact ...

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  • Peter Grundler's profile image

    RE: Job Runtime email notification

    Hi Margret, are u looking for something like this: This is the configuration in my test job: regar ...

  • Franz Zalubil's profile image

    RE: Job Runtime email notification

    Hi Margaret, first put the job in a Workflow. Next use properties at the job-level in the workflow. Here you can choose "min ...

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  • I am working on customizing an existing group calendar event, to make changes when some dates gets updated due to business needs. I am in need of listing the calendar dates that fall under the group calendar event before the customization and after ...

  • Dear all Together with the team responsible for the Kubernetes/GCP(Google Cloud Platform), we carried out an AAKE installation. The aim was to check whether AAKE is in line with the company's GCP strategy and GCP conventions. After the installation, ...