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  • This is what I thought. I can create a policy/API of the type "/ jwt2smsession" which takes as input the JWT released by siteminder and generates an SMSESSION. I could do by making a protected resource on siteminder with JWT-based authentication and ...

  • Hello everyone, with Layer7 I have created policies / api that use the siteminder SMSESSION as authentication / authorization. (eg the smession is passed in the header as if it were an "api key"). In this way on the Layer7 side I can understand the identity ...

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  • Hi Team, Can you please help me best approach to migrate API developer portal from 3.5 version to 5.0 version ? appreciate your help, if you provide any step by step detailed guide for the above ? Thanks  Uday

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    Hi there, I installed OTK in one cluster manually using Manage OTK solution kits via policy manager. I had to do install OTK in another cluster, can I use GMU to migrateOut that installed OTK into another cluster and migrateIn? Thanks S

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  • The team has now moved into PI28 Below you will find the list of items that are included in this PI. As always, we invite you to provide feedback by commenting on this post below. We would love feedback on both the current and future PI items in order ...

  • PI26 is complete and we have now entered into PI27. During PI26, API Gateway 10.1 and API Portal 5.0.2 were released including many new capabilities and updates (click on the release links for the full release notes).  Below you will find the list ...

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