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  • Onur is correct, the latest Monthly PlatformUpdate patch is Layer7_API_PlatformUpdate_64bit_v10.X-CentOS-2022-12-19 and the Gateway CR2 patch are all you will need. Cheers, Ping

  • Hi Rick, We've followed installing below patches only, and did not get any problems with the existing customers Layer7_API_PlatformUpdate_64bit_v10.X-CentOS-2022-12-19 CR02 Br, Onur

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  • Hi All, We're trying to publish a sample Swagger on API Portal 5.x and we need to pass scope as a parameter during testing through swagger.ui , Do you know how to do this ? Since user requests it's own scopes during registration ? we should pass scope ...

  • We now have support for validating JSON Schema v6/v7 in the Layer7 API Gateway. Before now, we only supported JSON Schema v4. If this is something of interest to you, please reach out to George Maheras ( ) directly or via this ...

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  • PI Planning for PI32 is now complete and development has kicked off. Below you will find the list of items that are included in this PI and a summary of the releases completed in the previous PI. As always, we invite you to provide feedback by commenting ...