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Identity Suite vApp - IP & IG Deployment Model with external database (MS-SQL)

  • 1.  Identity Suite vApp - IP & IG Deployment Model with external database (MS-SQL)

    Posted Nov 22, 2017 07:51 PM
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    I wanted to clarify some steps with regards to the external database for the Identity Suite vApp with regards to IP & IG deployment model.


    We expect to see this deployment model heavily used for customer that have an urgency to kick off governance campaigns but not have any requirement or need for managed endpoints.


    If the IP & IG model is deployed for production with an external database, there are three (3) notes that need to be reviewed.   I have collected these notes and attempted to clarify the value statement for the following items:


    1.vApp Readme file for External Database

    a) Outlines suggestive DB names for IP and IG



    2.IG manual installation readme file “Manual_DB_installation.txt”

    a)Defines the need for Case-Sensitive Collation for the DBs.

    b)Other Collation Notes:



    3.IG/IP Bookshelf(s)

    a)Defines the XA requirement for both MS-SQL & Oracle (but only MS-SQL needs additional steps) for WPDS DB




    e)J2EE Datasource for IG demonstrates need for XA-datasource (see example) for WPDS DB.      XA not required for IP due to no WPDS DB

    f)WPDS Database tables/stored procedures will NOT deploy to MS-SQL Database if XA Driver & Configuration is NOT enabled.   Review requirement if Workflow is required for IG use-cases.




    Please review the enclosed attachment (PDF) and see if this has value for your lab or production deployment.


    Note:  If you have a governance campaign of 100-1000's of applications, do not forget to engage CA Services to leverage CA AppXpress to speed up the rate of data collection from application business/technical owners.

    Alan Baugher on LinkedIn: “Please stop by the Smart… 













  • 2.  Re: Identity Suite vApp - IP & IG Deployment Model with external database (MS-SQL)

    Posted Dec 21, 2017 11:23 AM



    I followed the content in the attached PDF to build an IG lab based on the IDS VA, taking into account the notes provided on SQL Server XA updates. I would like to see Engineering provide a deployment script in the VA solely focused on Governance capabilities, as many of the more recent customer opportunities target compliance programs before identity management programs. 


    I'll post updates in the future to this thread and Matt Miller's related thread as the IG labs are field tested, including AppXpress capabilities.


    Take care,