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Weekly Personal Plea: Ask/Answer Questions, Start/Join In Discussions

  • 1.  Weekly Personal Plea: Ask/Answer Questions, Start/Join In Discussions

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jul 18, 2017 04:58 PM

    Dear Team:




    In 2017, I initiated various efforts to improve the APM/AXA/ASM customer experience. One of these is to help this community become richer through more customer involvement. Recently, I wrote down my thoughts  



     APM Community Opportunity: Help Your Online Neighbor! 


    discussing what I hope is the next transition of the APM Community.


    The goal

    It would be wonderful to see more people log in every few days and participate ACTIVELY in this tremendous resource!!! I enjoy seeing each day seeing customers, CA staff, and partners asking questions, sharing their experiences, and getting involved in responding to each other's questions and discussions. This includes sharing suggested next steps, best practices, and feedback on their deployment/environment.

    We can do even more.


    The Next Step

    I thank those of you that contributed a post, document, blog, or a response last week. I hope more of you consider doing so especially in the area of customers providing assistance to other customers. (Just like neighbors helping each other in the non-digital world.) I am asking when a question comes in, that CA staff refrain a reasonable time for customers to have the first chance in responding with their invaluable suggestions and problem-solving tips to their peers.


    Why not this be the week that we begin to actively begin doing  this? I can tell you personally, what a great feeling it is when someone says that your idea was helpful or that solved their issue.


    I look forward to seeing your contributions soon. Thank you in advance!