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Projects-to-Products...and Everything In-Between

By Brian Nathanson posted 10-01-2019 12:43 PM

Our customers and industry analysts agree that the time has come to make the transition from "projects" to "products" -- but many organizations seem to be struggling with how to get started or what to do. This blog is to discuss key success factors of our own project-to-product transition to provide insights into what might be confusing or challenging to your organization. 

This blog will only be as interesting as your feedback. We will (attempt to) post once each business day and want to hear your comments/feedback/questions. If you find this valuable, please take a few minutes each day to contribute. Ask questions, suggest improvements, or just chime in to "agree" or "disagree."

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New topics will be added as links in this entry.

Oct 1: Kicking things off with How did we get here?
Oct 2: So What is a product? exactly
Oct 3: An example of a product
Oct 4: Is a product by any other name still a product?
Oct 7: People want to focus on business value -- but what IS value?
Oct 8: Different types of value
Oct 9: Value elements: a good way to define value
Oct 10: Who is the product manager?
Oct 11: Product Managers vs Product Owners
Oct 14: Do you have product releases? You should!
Oct 15: Providing translation between parts of the business
Oct 16: How to organize for managing products
Oct 17: RC: The relationship between project vs product delivery
Oct 20: MYTH: Backlog management is NOT product management
Oct 21: Modern Product Management
Oct 22: Product Lifecycle Management
Oct 23: The MOST Overlooked Skill Set for Making the Transition
Oct 24: A (very brief) Intro to Product Marketing