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Projects-to-Products: Intro to Product Marketing

By Brian Nathanson posted Oct 28, 2019 04:34 PM

Product marketing (aka product marketing management) is a part of the "whole product" approach to product management, which states that the product itself (known as the "core product") is only a part of what customers purchase when buying a product. There is a series of additional expectations for things like training & support that customers have that they perceive as an integral part of the product. (The concept of the whole product will be covered under another post if there is enough interest.)

Within this umbrella, product marketing focuses on the (1) awareness of, (2) adoption of, and (3) satisfaction with the product.  It also includes “market-sensing” activities that inform the future direction of the product

Product Managers (as opposed to Product Owners) – whether for internal or external products -- should spend a majority of their time in this area. Product placement and promotion, advertising, tactics for getting or increasing adoption, and measures of customer satisfaction (such as NetPromoter Score or NPS) all fall within the realm of product marketing and are not usually a part of traditional coaching for product lifecycle managers (as defined in my earlier post).

Product releases -- events that allow customers to recognize the value being delivered for them as I describe here -- are also primarily a marketing event as they are informed and influenced by the psychology of end customers.

Next I'll cover a couple of the most popular models within product marketing, which serve as useful tools for understanding what happens in working with customers.

If you feel I missed anything in this brief introduction, fill me in. The comments are waiting.