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  • 1.  SCIM Connector error on modify

    Posted Mar 21, 2024 11:44 AM


    We have created a scim connector in order to integrate one of our endpoint, so far we have been able to properly read user and roles data from the endpoint sucessfully. But we are having an issue when it comes to the modification of a user.

    In our scenario, after we explore the endpoint, and we select a user from the content of the endpoint, we are modifying the status value from Active to Inactive, or viceversa, in this operation we are getting the following error on the provisinoing manager

    Looking at the connector log (which we have on verbose) we are seeing an error indicating the following'

    2024-03-21 10:23:51,356 1283257457 [ApacheDS Worker-thread-104] ApigeePPGV4_ApigeePPGV4 ( ERROR - class ApigeePPGV4 [eTDYNDirectoryName=ApigeePPGV4,eTNamespaceName=ApigeePPGV4,dc=im,dc=etasa]: class failed call on public abstract void,[]) throws javax.naming.NamingException MODIFY operation was skipped

    Im attaching the log, schema.json and serviceproviderconfig.json files so anybody can take a look at this issue and see if they can spot where it could be.

    I appreciate in advanced any help that can be provided

  • 2.  RE: SCIM Connector error on modify

    Posted Mar 21, 2024 11:46 AM

    Find the attached files on this reply