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  • 1.  SAP BW jobs not ending in UC4 even if the chain is completed in SAP

    Posted 14 days ago
    Edited by Sivaprasad P R 14 days ago

    Hello Community,

    From the past 1 week we are having this issue where few of the BW jobs in our system are reflecting the status incorrectly, that is, even if the BW chains triggered by the jobs are completed in SAP, in UC4 the jobs are still active. And when we try to manually cancel it, the job gets cancelled while the child JOBD doesn't. When tried to cancel separately also, the JOBD doesn't show any changes, so we are modifying the status manually.

    And another side effect of this, I suppose, is another issue, where new chains are not getting triggered when the same job explained above is executed again, the job fails with the error 'U02004131 Process chain 'BW_CHAIN_NAME' is already in process through RunID '<RUNID>', <RUNID> being the run id of the previous run.

    Agent version: 12.2.0 (SAP BW)

    AE: 12.3.9+hf.2

    Did someone ever face this issue? I would appreciate if anyone can provide a solution to this.

    So far we tried,

    1, Manually setting the old run of the jobs to Ended cancelled or Ended_OK and deactivate -> didn't fix the issue

    2, To restart the agent  -> didn't fix the issue

    3, Update the status of stuck JOBD from '0' to '1850' in AH table -> didn't fix the issue.

    Thanks in advance.



  • 2.  RE: SAP BW jobs not ending in UC4 even if the chain is completed in SAP

    Posted 13 days ago

    Hello Siva, 
    for the second part of the issue, please check if you are using Allow Parallel execution of the same chain in your connection object. 

    Note: read documentation before enabling to make sure that option is suitable for your environment.