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  • Multi-Factor Authentication Turned On (@FA) -  As some of you noticed, when you log in to Broadcom Support, Community, Service Desk and other Broadcom Apps the SSO system Okta is asking you to validate your email.    This is a new security measure since ...

  • @Martii Kinnuen -  Yes, that is correct.   If you move to a new company, you cannot update your email address.  You must create a new account separating you from the old account.   (security control)   If you do move to a new company or new email and ...

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  • Posted in: The Water Cooler

    Once a discussion thread has been posted there is no way to edit the attachments.

  • Posted in: The Water Cooler

    For some reason, the editor for ideas appears as a fixed-width modal dialog box over the browser window, instead of an editor that fills the whole width of the window (as with discussions and discussion replies). This is unwieldy and inconvenient.

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  • I wanted to share some Frequently Asked Questions About Accessing the Customer Support Portal. To view the PDF, just click on the thumbnail below If you have any questions, reply to this post and we'll answer as many of them ...

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