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  • What is the Water Cooler?

    A place to ask general questions about the Broadcom Community, discuss platform issues that you might see, and connect with the Community Mgmt. Team Members.     Thx Jason

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  • It would be preferable if the user saw his posts that were awaiting moderation, with a banner indicating that the post is awaiting moderation and thus not yet visible. It would also be preferable if the reason the post triggered moderation were discl ...

  • It just happened again with a post containing no screenshots. Sorry, an unexpected error has occurred. We have logged this issue. If the problem persists, please contact us and provide the following error log key: 88b655ee-ab57-49d7-9614-0184d344f ...

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    As this is an external, customer facing portal, not sure this request which sounds internal to Broadcom is best suited here. ------------------------------ Providing you Premier Partner support via Accredited Training, Professional Services, Consulting ...