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  • What is the Water Cooler?

    A place to ask general questions about the Broadcom Community, discuss platform issues that you might see, and connect with the Community Mgmt. Team Members.     Thx Jason

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  • @Michael Lowry - by the time I checked this morning the moderators/admins released it. It was more than likely due to watch words catching something technical. We are working hard with the vendor for this to be fixed but no sign of it on their ...

  • Hi All, Can someone please help me to understand if I am doing anything wrong in Client subnet based source NAT configuration. Below is the base config: configure terminal vlan 100 name VIP_VLAN untag eth1 router-interface ve 10 exit interface ...

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  • Posted in: The Water Cooler

    It is not possible to replace or remove file attachments when editing a discussion post or reply. However, I have found a way to accomplish the same thing. Every file attachment is added as a Library entry. The author can edit or delete file attachments ...