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  • Hi Michael,  First off let me introduce myself and the business owner of the Broadcom Support Portal. I wanted to thank you for taking the time to provide feedback regarding the inconsistent and confusing user experience related to our ever-growing product ...

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  • Hi Chris, Thanks for the update. This functionality does not seem to be working properly. I did this yesterday and it appeared as though 'My Communities' list got shorter. However, today the Communities that I left/exited are back in 'My Communities' ...

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  • Posted in: The Water Cooler

    When discussion threads were migrated from the Jive-based CA Communities to the Higher Logic-based Broadcom communities, IMG tags were often corrupted. This thread contains several examples: ...

  • Posted in: The Water Cooler

    If you select a block of text and choose one of the styles, like Preformatted, the style is usually applied to the wrong range of text. See the attached video for a demonstration.

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