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  • Peter, I've raised your post to our internal team who handles these email domain changes.  Typically, we do them in bulk where X company tells their support representative that their domain is changing and the data change is passed to our main system ...

  • Hi, my account has been changed (from.... to After that, all rights++ have gone. The content of the old account hasn't been moved to the new account. - my community-threats (list of contributions, summary, ideas) - all ...

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  • Posted in: The Water Cooler

    The list of cases is needlessly and inconveniently constrained to a box 2100 pixels wide and 800 pixels tall. This means that even if one has chosen to display 100 cases per page, one can see only at most 10. It also means that no matter how wide one ...

  • Posted in: The Water Cooler

    Hi   @Steve Desaulnier , I have a case where the Unified History tab does not show the full content of a comment made by Support. I cannot share all the details here, so I will send you a private message. /Keld.

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