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03-23-2017 03:23 AM

Dear Community Members,


Ever found yourself sighing when a page takes a little too long to load? Maybe you even know what's causing the problem. . . . the page is loading every available record before you've even had a chance to pick search terms and FILTER.


Well, guess what? You can make that page load so much faster. We'll show you how today. 


Learn with Rego | Q&A

1. Does it matter if I use timesheets or the WIP to adjust time?


2. Why won't tab delimited work?


3. Our large Page Filter portlet loads slow! Is there a workaround, so it doesn't auto-populate records until we hit filter?  


Please feel free to comment on any alternative answers you've found. At Rego, we always love your input. 




Does it matter if I use timesheets or the WIto adjust time?



When you adjust time, AKA "historical hours," the adjustment should be made in the same way the time was created. 


DON'T use a WIP Adjustment to change hours created with a timesheet. Why? Timesheet Adjustments are stored in tables, and if an adjustment to a timesheet is done through a WIP adjustment, all of the tables won't be updated the same . . .  which will cause data integrity issues, depending on what portlet/report is being used.


If the hours were originally created through a manual or imported transaction, then the adjustment can be made through a WIP Adjustment.


It’s best to adjust hours the same way they were created.






How do you get tab delimited to work with the OOB tag? If you must have tab delimited (I would question whether or not that’s a good approach), then you'll have to create a FileWriter (or something else, if you prefer) and write your own file. I tried quite a few things goofing around just now because I swear I had it working once with tabs, but I couldn’t find it or duplicate it.  Not even using the ASCII or hex value of the character. Something is encoding it I think.



Sometimes people have problems with tab delimited when they copy/paste into Explorer. You'll find that delimiter="	" may be replaced with delimiter=" ", and that messes with the format.


1. delimiter="	"


2. XOG-in the gel script for the process. 




We have a big Page Filter portlet that loads slow! Is there a workaround, so it doesn't auto-populate records until we hit filter?  When I do it, the filter doesn't work unless I go to the portlet manually, and click on the filter first. 

The easiest workaround is to force one of the defaults to an invalid value, to not show data. We changed the slice Period Type to "None" which results in the query not returning data. It forces the user to update the filter, if they want to use it, and greatly speeds up the overall page load times.






Thank You------------------------------  
A special thank you to Lisa Olsen, Sankhadeep Dhar, Mike Gillespie, and Chris Shaffer, and the regoUniversity Clarity PPM Conference Team for this Q/A material. 

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