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Correct aggregation row in task list 

10-02-2018 08:52 AM

Hi everyone,


I've recently been asked to correct the aggregation values in task list. When you indent tasks in a Gantt view and try to display totals in the task list view, the sum of any given colum is the sum of the values displayed in all summary tasks and all indented tasks. For example, in this project (Gantt view) :


There are three tasks and three summary tasks. There's a resource assigned to every task, with a different ETC (first task has 20, second 15 and last has 10).

Now, when we go back to Task List View :

We can see the sum below the ETC column makes no sense : it should be 10+15+20 = 45, not 105 : currently it's counting summary tasks ETC as values it should add to the total and not values to ignore.


I haven't been able to find a solution here, related questions I've found have not been answered. So I wanted to share mine :


  1. You need to create a new attribute for the Task object. It's a calculated field with the following expression : Absolute(Min(prwbslevel-2,0))*prestsum
    • This expression can be used to correct any total : you just have to replace prestsum by the field you want to display in your aggregate function. It's going to contain 0 when the task level is greater than 1, or the value for that field if the task is level 1.
  2. In the Task object Views : Task List -> [Aggregation] -> , change the ETC line to be a sum of the newTask field :



And that's it ! Your total under the ETC column is corrected :



Hope this helps! Regards,


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