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What You May Have Missed in the CA UIM Community (January 2018) 

02-02-2018 06:40 PM


Probes released in January, 2018 

Probes released in December, 2017 

Device Certification Deployer 1.9 for UIM SNMP Collector Generally Available 

SNAP Central Community has been deactivated. What you need to know. 


Events coming soon!  Please let us know if you can attend

  1. February 20, 2018: CA on CA with UIM 
    Want to see how CA's IT department (Global Information Services/GIS) utilizes CA Unified Infrastructure Management? We will show how we monitor Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Nutanix, PureStorage FlashArrays and how we extend our monitoring and automate tasks using the REST API.
  2. February 22, 2018: askCA for CA Unified Infrastructure Management --> askCA for CA Unified Infrastructure Management 
  3. February 27, 2018:  11AM am and 10PM ET  --.> Product Roadmaps & Feedback Sessions - CA Technologies * Registration is Required, must be Enterprise Customer
  4. March 22, 2018: askCA for CA Unified Infrastructure Management --> askCA for CA Unified Infrastructure Management 


Event Recaps

[askCA TRANSCRIPT] CA Unified Infrastructure Management – January 25, 2018 

Level up your Infrastructure Experience


New Blogs

Discovery Correlation 



CA Learning Subscriptions 

Availability in UIM - Let's discuss and solve 


New Ideas

Alarm if installed probe not running 

Modifiying the UIM Spectrum integration installer 

Option to rename a template in notes_server probe 

HTML Alarm Console - Including Historical 

Cdm Probe – disk usage change in percent 

Add Scan interval to dirscan profiles 

Create an unified database interface for UIM 

fetchmsg: additional variables for owner and profileowner 

Journal: read journals from partitions other than primary 

CDM disk allow user to choose GB/TB/PB as unit 

More Robust robot nimbus discovery 

UIM usage_metering filter option for origin 

Probe for RedHat CloudForms  

UIM url_response alarm for authentication failure 

Robot for Ubuntu 17x 

UIM processes probe alarm clear customization 

HyperV support for Windows 2016 

Add counter status QOS ad_response probe 

Create OOB Reports for Baseline Data 

Flexibility required in SLM/SLO handling of NULL values 

CA UIM integration with symphony summit 


Tech Tips

No Interfaces to Show for devices discovered in USM 

Passing the Return of a SOAP Based Web Services Call to a Second or Third Call and Monitoring the Result. 

Perl SDK - Nimbus::PDS::asHash (Array refactoring) 

Tech Tip: "Add", "Manage" and "Go to" buttons missing in UMP and USM doesn't load (Error: Column 'CM_CONFIG_ITEM_TO_MASTER.master_id' is invalid) 

Tech Tip: "Add", "Manage" and "Go to" buttons missing from UMP and USM doesn't load (Error ORA-00979: not a GROUP BY expression) 

Tech Tip: UIM LUA script to split alarm message 

Tech Tip: USM shows duplicated alarms instances in the alarm history 


Fun --> No Answer Left Behind 


read the last edition --> What You May Have Missed (December 2017) 

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thanks for your note.  the app seems to be severely under developed by the vendor and i do not foresee them working on a correction (as they were recently acquired). I would suggest you use mobile browser instead of the app. 

04-06-2018 09:22 PM

FYI when I click these links to community topics within Jive app, they open in a browser instead of Jive. The problem with that is within the browser one is no longer authenticated to reply, like, etc. Just giving a heads up in case there is a change that can be made to help improve the continuity of reading, replying and liking community topics for mobile users. 

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