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CA Single Sign-On Community: What You May Have Missed (DEC 14-31) 

01-03-2017 02:16 PM

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News & Announcements

Welcome to the *NEW* CA Single Sign-On Community! 

We'd like to hear from you. 

News You Can Use - CA Security Customer Newsletter - Winter 2016 


Helpful Docs & Blogs

FAQ: Changes in the Infrastructure Management & Security Communities 

Using SMPolicyReader to generate xcart selection. 

How to generate xcart with SMPolicyReader tool 

Kerberos Authentication with CA SSO Using Linux Policy Server 

Chat Transcript: Office Hours for CA Single Sign-On [DECEMBER 2016] 


Open Questions

Impersonator Info on an Impersonatee Response? 

CertAutoRetrieval Error on SharePoint Integration with CA SSO 

CA SSO on Cloud? 

wamui restart script with arguments 

Reducing perl script execution time  

Exception:Report instance was not successfully created.  Please see the application server logs and the report server."  

Siteminder Server Variables Missing in .NET HTTP Handler 


WebAgent Configuration: Incorrect Path 

How to restrict the Application Target URL in login.fcc file? 

How to get the date from HTTP_SM_TIMETOEXPIRE header 

Error occurred during "SearchExt" for "(&(xpsNumber=*)(!(xpsTombstone=*)))", text: Timed out 

Multiple hostname for a virtual host in SPS 

policy server not starting 

SmHost.conf file was not created in default webagent folder 


New Ideas

Identity Mapping Support from LDAP namespace to AD namespace 

Same Session and IP change 

Support for  CA siteminder SSO agent  for Siebel 16.0 

SiteMinder SPSの文字コードの指定について(改善要望) 

Enhanced Oracle Unified Directory(OUD) integration with Siteminder 

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