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How to Set Up and Configure Root Cause Analysis (RCA) in Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM)https://www.ca.com/us/services-support/ca-support/ca-support-online/knowledge-base-articles.TEC1318312.html?intcmp=searchresultclick&resultnum=2
TEC1318312 - High level process to install and configure Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) versions 8.31 and later.


Unable to get License for probe to be recognized
TEC1024642 - Steps to resolve the situation where in the Archive within Infrastructure Manager (IM) a probe shows up red with an error message "No Valid License".


How to uninstall CABI
TEC1425228 - In some cases you may need to uninstall CABI. This article includes the uninstall instructions from both the CABI robot and the backend database.

How to remove alarm routing service after ems removed
TEC1339232 - This document shows how we remove alarm routing service.


How to recreate a queue using Infrastructure Manager (IM).
TEC1656175- A how-to article about deleting and recreating a queue in the hub probe using Infrastructure Manager (IM).


Devices created by the vmware probe are not removed by running the remove_master_devices_by_cskeys probe callback.
TEC1816964 - How to remove vmware devices that are unable to be removed by the remove_master_devices_by_cskeys probe callback.


UMP USM portlet is stuck loading
TEC1044656 - The UMP USM portlet it is stuck on a loading progress bar and never loads.


Query to See the Most Current QOS in the DataBase
TEC1550586 - This document demonstrates a query which will correlate data from s_qos_snapshot and s_qos_data.


Alarms not updating in BMC Remedy IT Service Management using sdgtw probe
TEC1315491 - The check box for "New Incident on Severity Change" is not checked in sdgtw, but alarm updates in UIM are not being sent to BMC Remedy IT Service Management when z10_Details is one of the mapped fields.


What is the purpose of the "alarms.cfg" file
TEC1537336 - This file is used in the database probes (Oracle, sqlserver, sybase, db2)


Database probes (db2, oracle, sqlserver, sybase) alarms when thresholds are breached are not forwarded to the nas
TEC1925893 - Database alarms are not visible in any alarm console even though the alarm appears in the probe's Configure GUI on the Status tab.


Trellis probe is consuming 30% of the CPU on the primary hub after enable Spectrumgtw probe
TEC1007751 - Trellis probe is consuming 30% of the CPU on the primary hub after enable Spectrumgtw probe. Performance is getting impacted when enabling the spectrumgtw probe.


What queries are used by the oracle probe?
TEC000003091 - oracle underlying queries used by the probe


UIM installation fails during database creation (Linux with MySQL)
TEC1038807 - Linux-MySQL installation process failed during database creation


baseline_engine error when trying to open the probe via Admin Console. unable to read configuration, Error Code: PPM-020
TEC1798794 - baseline_engine probe generates error when trying to open it in the admin console


vmware probe data collection error after startup
TEC1265272 - The vmware probe connects to vCenter but then throws a data collection error after starting up


Key Performance Indicators (suggested KPIs/metrics) for the xendesktop probe
TEC1813231 - Suggested KPIs for the xendesktop probe


How does the processes probe calculate process memory (QOS_PROCESS_MEMORY)?
TEC1210599 - Technical details on how the processes probe calculates process memory.


hyperv probe cannot connect to server
TEC000002402 - Connection to the hyperv host operating system fails.


Receiving lots of communication errors on multiple probes
TEC000005261 - After client changed hub SSL mode he noticed many probes were having communication issues in the logs such as: automated_deployment_engine alarm_enrichment health_index wasp


tomcat probe internal used memory error
TEC000002713 - tomcat probe generating critical internal used memory error


SNMPCOLLECTOR - New Device Certification Request Process
TEC1355707 - Please see the attached file, called 'SNMPCOLLECTOR Device Cert.zip' Inside, you'll find a text file with instructions on how to collect all the information CA will need to create the certification request.


Login window for each portlet in UMP
TEC1742938 - Sometimes when the user opens the ump page, he gets a login screen on each of the portlets in the page.

Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) Unable to drag and drop on Report Designer
TEC1640647 - Tips to try to resolve the issue with not being able to drag objects into the Report Designer.


How does the sqlserver probes "Database_state" checkpoint work?
TEC1045224 - The database states are enumerated. ONLINE is equal to 0, the following table lists the other enumerations for the other database states.


How to use the Context Selector in a Dashboard?
TEC1021157 - This article aims to provide an example that illustrates how to use Context Selector in a Dashboard with different widgets.


How to check the contents of the .sds file under hub queue folder
TEC1428264 - This article explain how to check the contents of the .sds file under hub queue folder


Sybase Probe in Error State
TEC1360624 - Probe 'sybase' FAILED to start (command = sybase_monitor.exe) error = (2) The system cannot find the file specified.


How to work with dirscan's schedule functionality
TEC1567779 - This is aimed to provide a better understanding on how the schedule functionality within the dirscan probe works


Data engine probe is displayed in a failed state
TEC1949963 - Unable to start the data_engine probe . The data_engine is displayed with red status


Can a snmpv3 profile for snmptd probe be created with a wildcard for the engineid?
TEC1693446 - Does the snmptd probe require its on snmptd v3 profile for each device with their own engineid?


ntevl probe on Japanese Environment can handle Error/Warning event without [Language String Configuration] setting.
TEC1612525 - ntevl probe on Japanese Environment can not only display Error/Warning event, but also detect those events and publish alarms.


Some probes cannot start if connection between hub and robot is via only TLS.
TEC1581376 - User can set connection between hub and robot be via only TLS, but some probes cannot start with the setting.


nsdgtw does not generate Service Desk Manager tickets for some alarms
TEC1195046 - CA Service Cloud, SDM, Integration, Service Desk Manager tickets, NAS,


UIM install with an Oracle database fails with impl.UIMServerDBSchemaController 132 NimException caught
TEC1810272 - New UIM install fails with oracle as the back-end database with CAUIM.SPN_BAS_CREATECONSTRAINT is invalid


snmpcollector interface BytesIn/BytesOut views missing in USM Details when NFA views included
TEC1477744 - interfaces monitored with both NFA and snmpcollector do not display the BytesIn/BytesOut snmpcollector metrics in the USM Details, you must go to the Metrics tab.


UIM 8.47 upgrade fails during the Upgrade Preparation phase
TEC1660766 - Failed to communicate with UIM server instance for upgrade. Re-insert administrator password and if error persists, an uninstall and re-install of the product is required NimException caught permission denied


How to configure the logmon probe in Unified Infrastructure Management to generate alarms based on a threshold.
TEC1711726 - Step by step instructions on how to configure the logmon probe in Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM)


jdbc_response Probe for Sybase SQLAnywhere
TEC1477647 - Steps for setting up the jdbc_response probe for use with Sybase SQLAnywhere.

The sqlserver probe in Unified Infrastructure Manager (UIM) reporting incorrectly that SQL Server is down after a restart
TEC1935225 - Troubleshooting steps to resolve false alarms from the sqlserver probe.


CA UIM Tomcat Probe communication error during configuration
TEC1491853 - I installed a tomcat probe on a linux system and enabled this probe. When I click on tomcat configuration on IM the following error after some clicks: Unable to contact ////controller communication error (80040402)


cdm filesystem shows NA and displays skipping hidden disk in the logs
TEC1513296 - When trying to monitor a certain filesystem, no information can be obtained with a value of NA in the cdm Status tab. The logs also show that the filesystem is being marked as hidden.


cdm filesystem shows NA and displays skipping hidden disk in the logs
TEC1879892 - When trying to monitor a certain filesystem, no information can be obtained with a value of NA in the cdm Status tab. The logs also show that the filesystem is being marked as hidden.


How to configure the db2 probe when there is no default DB2 instance
TEC000005001 - How do you configure the db2 probe if you do not have default instances and do not want to create a 'default' instance on your DB2 server?


UMP Upgrade - Report Scheduler no longer available
TEC1551335 - release: upgrade to 8.4.7 Problem Description: after upgrade yesterday , report scheduler is not working


Prediction Engine Stops Processing messages until restarted.
TEC1524196 - the prediction_engine probe may stop processing messages over time. The probe will be seen in Task Manager to be using 100% of the allocated RAM.


TopN report unable to load metrics
TEC1698097 - I have a group in the USM - when I try and run the topN report feature it produces an error on the Metric type, saying "Error: could not load metric list"


How to determine if your billing statements are being sent through the webgtw probe.
TEC1067728 - This article shows the troubleshooting steps for checking if the billing reports are being sent to CA.


vmware probe templates not applying
TEC1145448 - Running UIM 8.47, VMware probe on similar, dedicated server (2012 R2 Datacenter) and can not longer save a custom template, and no templates appear to be applied when viewing hosts from the AC configure GUI.


IM/UMP Time Alarms
TEC1184356 Why the time is different in UMP and IM time alarms


NTP_Response Error: unable to contact host
TEC1386156 - This document explains the changes required to resolve "unable to contact host" error in Linux for ntp_response probe using NTP authentication.


Installing Single Robot using RPM and Answer file on Linux environment
TEC1844181 - Document explains how we can install single Robot using RPM and Answer file on Linux environment


vmware probe error: Unexpected application error occurred. Key host not found
TEC000004601 - I can't configure the vmware probe. When I try I get a popup error: "Unexpected application error occurred. Key host not found"


Default MAC Address of Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) fabric is "00-22-BD-F8-19-FF".
TEC1631703 - discovery_server 8.0 or above probe make discovered devices to be correlated if the discovered devices have same MAC address. The behavior may make unexpected result.


Unable to login to Unified Management Portal with Infrastructure Login
TEC1105458 - Unified Management Portal is case sensitive and is only able to login if the user name is in lower case.

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