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CA Unified Infrastructure Management - AP Office Hours Transcript, August 17th, 2016,  3.00PM - 4.00PM (AEST) Sydney Time 

08-17-2016 02:33 AM

Tarun Pamu to Everyone: Aright Lets get started...This is a Webex chat only...feel freel to ask your questions...The team is ready

Phani Devulapalli to Everyone: Hello Guys..How are you all doing ?

Franklin D’souza to Everyone:@Phani All fine here

Franklin D’souza to Everyone:how about you ?

Franklin D’souza to Everyone:feel free to ask questions

Phani Devulapalli to Everyone:Good thanks

Phani Devulapalli to Everyone:I remember there was a plan for Admin Console v2 -is that on the roadmap for release anytime soon ?

Rajesh singh to Everyone:@Praveen...How are you

Yu Ishitani to Everyone:AC2 ETA is not fixed yet

Franklin D’souza to Everyone:@Phani its tentative planned in next GA release

Rajesh singh to Everyone:@Praveen...feel free to ask questions

Yu Ishitani to Everyone:@Yu maybe.

Yu Ishitani to Everyone:@Yu this is not definite information.

Phani Devulapalli to Everyone:ok

Yu Ishitani to Everyone:@Yu AC2 can be run on any hub.

Yu Ishitani to Everyone:@Yu AC2 works with AC2 dedicated wasp.

Yu Ishitani to Everyone:@Yu service_host will not be used in AC2.

Phani Devulapalli to Everyone:okies

Franklin D’souza to Everyone:@Phani are u running at UIM 8.4 currently ?

Phani Devulapalli to Everyone:nope, but planning to get there soon

Yu Ishitani to Everyone:@Yu, 8.4 sp2 released

Yu Ishitani to Everyone:@Yu, 8.4 sp1 no longer downloadable.

Franklin D’souza to Everyone:https://docops.ca.com/display/UIM84/Release+Notes+for+CA+UIM+8.4+Service+and+Feature+Pack+Releases

Francis Kim to Everyone:Yes That's right

Phani Devulapalli to Everyone:yeah..was reading through the notes today morning ..I see the upgrade procedure for sp seems to be little different than the traditional upgardes

Franklin D’souza to Everyone:@Phani yes correct its different procedure for SP normal procedure running the installer

Phani Devulapalli to Everyone:Just a curious question- In a multi-tennant env where we have dozens of hubs and trying to upgrade it is mandatory to run the upgarde on all the hubs or will the will the mismatch of version between the hubs would not be a concern if we plan the upgarde in different phases ?

Yu Ishitani to Everyone:@Yu

Yu Ishitani to Everyone:Tunnel involved ?

Phani Devulapalli to Everyone:I know we need to first start with the primary hub, but would it cause any issues incase few of the hubs are on a older version before we bring them all to the same level

Phani Devulapalli to Everyone:yeah

Phani Devulapalli to Everyone:Tunnels are involded

Franklin D’souza to Everyone:@Phani for best performance its recommended to keep them at same versions

Yu Ishitani to Everyone:@Yu, hub has compatibility so hub works inter crossing multiple versions

Yu Ishitani to Everyone:@Yu, but

Franklin D’souza to Everyone:but you can do this in phases

Franklin D’souza to Everyone:as long as there is not too much difference in versions

Yu Ishitani to Everyone:@Yu, hub tunnel behavior point of view, we ask you to minimize time multiple version mixed situation

Phani Devulapalli to Everyone:How about 8.2 and 8.4 Sp2 ?

Yu to Everyone:@Yu, looking at doc, no new version of hub included.

Yu Ishitani to Everyone:@Yu, so I assume 8.4 sp2 do not upgrade hub.

Yu Ishitani to Everyone:@Yu, Today's GA is 7.80

Phani Devulapalli to Everyone:so in 8.4 sp2 we use the same version of hub as in 8.2

Phani Devulapalli to Everyone:ah ok, thats good to know

Franklin D’souza to Everyone:@Phani see below link has the versions included in the SP

Franklin D’souza to Everyone:https://docops.ca.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=351938920

Franklin D’souza to Everyone:hub is not included

Phani Devulapalli to Everyone:good, didnt notice that

Francis Kim to Everyone:https://docops.ca.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=351938920#InstallCAUIM8.4ServicePack2(SP2)-Step2-ImporttheZIPFilestotheLocalArchive

Yu Ishitani to Everyone:@Yu any other questions ?

Phani Devulapalli to Everyone:Nothing my side - thank you

Yu Ishitani to Everyone:@Yu good

Yu Ishitani to Everyone:@Yu, Franklin, do you wrap up

Franklin D’souza to Everyone:@Praveen do you have any queries

Tarun Pamu to Everyone:@ Sarat ...Welcome to office hours feel free to ask your questions

Yu Ishitani to Everyone:@Yu welcome

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08-23-2016 09:50 AM

Francis_Kim  This is great! Wonderful to see all the locally hosted office hour events to support APJ customers and partners

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