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What you may have missed -   October 2017 

11-07-2017 04:11 PM

The 'What you May Have Missed' series is a great way to stay current on community happenings as it will give you a recap on all the content you might have missed in the month prior.  You might be used to seeing these back when Spectrum was part of the Infrastructure Management community.  Well, you can count on having these handy catch-up guides at the beginning of each month right here in the CA Spectrum community.  Questions?  just fire off a message to me MelissaPotvin


Recent Announcements:

CA Spectrum 10.2.2 - Now GA! 

End of Support for RHEL 5.x 



(1) We want your feedback, please DO participate in a CA product survey,  Spectrum is included in this list:   Product Feedback 2018: Survey Coming Soon! 

(2) Please help unanswered questions in the community --> CA Spectrum Unanswered Questions


New Documents:

Managed Service Providers and Overlapping IP addresses.

CA Spectrum Device Certification Packs r10.0.1, r10.1.2 and r10.2.1 General Availability Announcement 


New Videos

CA Spectrum / UIM Integration Webcast 


Webcast Replay - CA Spectrum Unified CABI 


Upcoming Events:

**A webcast about CA Spectrum 10.2.2 is in the works, stay close to the community for a date.  

Cross Community Info:  Other events you might want to attend:

askCA (AKA Office Hours) for CA Performance Management 


Need Help with an upgrade? --> https://communities.ca.com/community/ca-infrastructure-management/ca-spectrum/pages/upgrade 


October New Ideas - Cast your Vote!

Two passes Global Collection Searches 

Enhancement for Poll Status Results 

HMAC-SHA support for authentication in SNMP v3 

NCM Block Policy Export 

Modeling Netscout Infinistream Appliance 

[Spectrum] Convert HEX values to string values for EventFormat files 

IPv6: Retain zeros in address and allow in Device Search 

Package Spectrum into RPM package 

Freeze/Unfreeze Alarm View 

Spectrum neighbor view feature 

Use local Temp directory instead of the system. 

Security String auto-setting option for MPLS, VPNs, QoS etc component models 

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