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Tagging Content in the CA Communities 

09-11-2014 10:04 AM

Tags are an important tool used within the CA Communities to categorize, sort, and search content. It is extremely important that CA Communities users stick to common tagging conventions in order to make searching and aggregating content throughout the communities possible. Users can search for content using tags from any content section within the CA Communities, but please note that the tag search functionality works so that searching for two different tags will result in a list of content that includes only content that has both tags.


Below is an overview of some of the tagging conventions that have been established:


Tuesday Tips/Technical Tips - all Tuesday Tips and Technical tips should have the tag "tips." Because there are different names and titles for Tech Tips throughout the system, sticking to that tag will help users to be able to find tips on their products within any community, without having to change the wording of their search. Please feel free to add additional tags to categorize your post, as long as the "tips" tag is also utilized.


Events - all events should be tagged with the type of event, month, and year. For example, a webcast held in September of this year should have the tags "webcasts" "September" "2014" and the same would apply to Office Hours/askCA or other events. Using these tags will allow users to distinguish between new and past events that may have similar names, and will allow users to easily find any past or present events they are looking for without having to navigate through the community calendar. All replay or transcript postings should have the tags "[event] replay" and "replays" or "[event] transcript" and "transcripts" in addition to the month and year.


General Availability Announcements - please use the tag "GA Announcements" for all general availability announcements.


Alerts - all alerts should have the tag "alerts."


Findability: Using Tags to Make Your Community Content Easier to Find, recently published by Lenn Thompson, also points out some of the more common tags that are encouraged on community content, below is an excerpt of that post:

  • Product/Plugin/Add-On: Please use as full of a product name as possible (ie. CA APM, not APM). Use the category listing as a guide.
  • Version: This is an easy one. Just include the version/release number
  • Features: This will vary greatly from product to product, but if your content is about a specific feature of a product, please include that.
  • Tasks: Again, this will vary greatly, but if there is a particular task you’re trying to accomplish with a product, include that.
  • Topic/Discipline: Think about the larger business trends or topics that people might be searching for information about. Things like “big data management” or “application development” would fit here.
  • Type: These tags should help define what type of content it is. If it’s an “Document” you might use “presentation” or “KB article” as the type tag.
  • Speaker: Please use the speaker’s first and last name as one tag, so “Lenn Thompson” rather than “lenn” and “Thompson”



**Please note that, when applicable, standard tags should be applied using plural words (ie. webcasts instead of webcast) to ensure users can find the content when searching with both singular and plural terms. See suggested tags above for more examples.


Please feel free to leave comments below with suggestions for additional tagging conventions. Our goal is to make using the system as easy as possible for our users, and more standardization in tags will help to accomplish that.

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