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Low-Code TestAutomation Generation Framework 

02-03-2019 04:23 AM



We are sharing a solution for use by the community wherever it might help your organisation. And with the hope that the community contributes to continuously advancing the solution by adding any new features and/or by commenting what's good, bad or missing in the current version.


This framework (LCTAG) is situated in the design and development stage of a Continuous Testing Life Cycle by assisting to automatically create/generate test cases based upon their behaviour specification. The complexity of the generated tests can range from low complexity API tests to medium complexity Business Functional tests. The generated tests are based on test templates which can be adapted where needed. Additional templates for new types of tests are easily created and added to the solution.


The documentation of the framework is attached to this document. You can download the current version v0.8.0 of the template here.


The LCTAG framework consists of the directories "SolFwk-LCTAG-LowCodeTestAutomationGeneration" and "SolFwk-LCTAG-Repository". You will find other directories in this v0.8.0 version of the CA-DevTest-Solution-Patterns github repository. These other solution patterns in these directories are not reworked/generalized/documented yet. All of that work targeting the release of other solution patterns is on our backlog and will be tackled asap. (So for now you can ignore directories "DynamicStubbing", "SolFwk-ExecutableInterfaceContract", "SolPat-EasyMatchingMaxMagicStringing" and "SolPat-RequestMetadataInResponse"


For now, please post any comments, suggestions, requests for new features on the communities site. Coming up with a workable process of open-source-like approach to advancing this solution by the whole community is also on the backlog.

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