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What You May Have Missed in the CA UIM Community (July 2018) 

08-22-2018 08:02 AM

Dear UIM Community Members, to help you catch up with so much going on the Community, this is a recap of some of the great content and activity from the previous month.


Upcoming Events

[ROADMAP] CA Unified Infrastructure Management – August 28, 2018 @ 11 a.m. ET 

CANCELLED - [ROADMAP] CA Unified Infrastructure Management – August 28, 2018 @ 10 p.m. ET 

[WEBCAST] What’s New in CA NFA 9.5 ? - August 29 , 2018 @10 a.m. ET 

[ROADMAP] CA Unified Infrastructure Management – September 25, 2018 @ 9 a.m. ET 

[ROADMAP] CA Unified Infrastructure Management – September 25, 2018 @ 11 a.m. ET 


New Tech Tips 

Tech Tip: CA UIM / CABI - How to Customize the UIM CABI Health Reports Logo 

Tech Tip: CA UIM / CABI - Unable to open the CABI UIM Summary dashboard. No dashboard found with path: /public/ca/uim/dashboards/common/uim_summary 

Tech Tip: UIM Robot installation fails on HP-UX 

Tech Tip: CA UIM / CABI - Jaspersoft Studio Report Published to Jasper Reports Server (CABI) does not display any data 

Tech Tip - NAS_TRANSACTION_LOG table growing indefinitely 

Tech Tip: CA UIM - CA UIM integration with CA APM - caapm / apmgtw 




Enhancing Version Support Predictability 

Probe of Things - A Custom Probe That Does Things 

CA UIM - url_response probe configuration via AC fails with multiple ppm related errors "unable to retrieve remote data - check ppm.log" 

CA UIM - Port requirements for CA Admin Console <-> Remote Hub <-> Robot - Robot Functions Fail 



 New Ideas - please VOTE!

Support for duplicate ips in snmpcollector 

Create a easy way of setting ‘component user defined product 1’ property in snmpcollector 

Probe HP_3PAR Version 8200 OS 

Ability to export all reports in csv/excel format 

Nutanix Probe - Support to Nutanix API V3  

MCS System Reboot Alarm severity 

UIM Liferay Staging 

Sharepoint Search Content Source Crawl alerting 


 Recently Answered Questions

[Spectrum/Nimsoft] Hub Locale in UIMHost Attributes? 

HA Failover 

alarm_enrichment probe is not starting after DB migration 

Change Default Tabs For New Users 

History of login's to UMP 


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