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CA Identity Suite 12.6.8 GA Announcement 

04-21-2016 09:36 AM

CA Identity Suite GA Announcement

Date: April 18th,


To: CA Identity Suite, CA Identity
Manager, CA Identity Governance, CA Identity Portal Customers


From: The CA Identity Suite Product


Subject: General Availability Announcement of CA Identity Suite 12.6.8


On behalf of CA Technologies, we appreciate your business
and the opportunity to provide high-quality software and services. As part of
our ongoing commitment to customer success, we regularly release updated
versions of our products. Today, we are pleased to announce that CA Identity
Suite 12.6.8 is now available.

CA Identity Suite 12.6.8 includes the following components:

  • CA Identity Portal 1.6.2
  • CA Identity Manager 12.6 SP8
  • CA Identity Governance 12.6 SP5

Detailed information regarding this release content
including new capabilities and enhancements can be found at the CA
documentation site:

New Features In This Release:

Identity Analytics

This release introduces Business Intelligence dashboards
for process managers in the organization, which provide statistics and Service
Level Agreement (SLA) information about existing identity processes and
requests in the system. These dashboards enable the managers to take a deep
look into processes, analyze them and their workflows, and identify any
potential issues that can be remediated in order to optimally meet the desired
service levels.

Access Certification Enhancements

Working closely with our customers, this release includes
a comprehensive redesign of the Access Certification user interface focusing on
improving productivity and ease of use, especially for large organizations. The
two primary design goals of this effort are:

  • Reduce the typical number of steps (i.e. user
    interaction “clicks” or page refreshes) needed to accomplish access
    certification activities.
  • Personalize the experience to better support
    various levels of end-user sophistication.

Support for CA Business Intelligence (CABI) 6.2

This release includes the introduction of CABI 6.2. CABI
6.2 is based on the JasperReports® reporting engine and provides an easy
to configure and use platform for generating reports for both CA Identity
Manager and CA Identity Governance. Please note that for existing customers, the
legacy CABI 4.x reporting platform (based on SAP Business Object 4.x) will
continue to be supported. A separate announcement on this topic was published
at the site here:

CA Identity Portal Enhanced Mobile Support

The demand for Identity on-the-go and providing identity
services for the mobile-user community has dramatically changed in past few
years. The first generation identity mobile applications focused on providing
access to basic functions such as password rests and workflow approvals. However,
today we are seeing the demand to deliver a comprehensive set of identity
capabilities to cover very similar use cases as the desktop experience.

This release includes the completion of a roadmap to
expose most of the Identity services in a mobile optimized way. This includes support
for customer branding for the mobile web application, access request, and
dynamic modules all available from mobile devices in an optimized presentation
to the form-factor of the device.

Access Request Suggestions Engine

The success of access request processes rely on the
ability to empower the business users and ensure they are self-sufficient and
can quickly and safely request the access they need for their business. CA
Identity Portal already includes a set of rich advice tools to streamline the
user experience in access requests, including tools such as an embedded
real-time risk simulator.

This release introduces a new advice tool called
Suggestions Engine. The Suggestions Engine provides the end-user with
real-time, context-aware recommendations for inclusion in the access request
shopping-cart. The recommendations are based on a number of elements: who is
the user (e.g. user is in department “Finance”), what
a user currently has (e.g. user has the “Expense Approval” entitlement), and
which items are in the current virtual shopping cart. The recommendations are
displayed in a similar way as done in many consumer commerce sites, providing a
non-disruptive and enriched experience where users can accept, reject or ignore
the recommendations.

Voluntary Product Accessibility Test (VPAT) in support of Section 508 and

CA has evaluated CA Identity Portal for compliance with
the requirements of Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act (“Section 508”)
and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (“WCAG2.0”). CA Identity Portal
addresses many of the Section 508 and WCAG2.0 requirements, as set forth in
CA’s VPAT for CA Identity Portal.

CA Advanced Authentication enhanced support

This release includes the following enhancements to the
integration with CA Advanced Authentication:

  • Certification for CA Advanced Authentication 8.1
  • Support for step-up authentication on access
    approvals (from the CA Identity Portal).

Windows 10 Support

Support for Windows 10 user clients. The support includes
certification of the Windows 10 Edge browser and update to the CA Identity
Suite Windows Credential Provider to support Windows 10 requirements.

CA Identity Portal Database support

CA Identity Portal added support for Oracle 12c and
Microsoft SQL 2014.

You can download
your copy of CA Identity Suite 12.6.8 from CA Support Online at Should you need any
assistance in understanding these new features, or implementing this latest
release, our CA Services experts can help. For more information on CA Services
and how you can leverage our expertise, please visit

Thank you again for your business,

The CA Technologies CA Identity Suite Product Team

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