Preview of New Clarity PPM Phoenix UI Theme 

02-15-2019 03:36 PM

New! Inside CA Clarity PPM and 15.6

With the recent acquisition of CA Technologies by Broadcom, the Clarity PPM product name, formerly rebranded as CA PPM, has been restored in the user interface through the patch. Release 15.6 also includes the rebranding.


The product is now branded CA Clarity Project and Portfolio Management, CA Clarity PPM, or simply, Clarity PPM.

Tip: Historic references to mixed branding in some places are expected to continue to appear in the application, online documentation, community content, Support KB articles, videos, and other content.


New! Introducing the Phoenix UI Theme

The patch and 15.6 major release in March 2019 also introduce the new Phoenix UI theme designed to invite Classic Clarity PPM users into the new aesthetics and styling of the Modern UX which made its debut in 15.1 as the New User Experience) and five releases later, now offers an array of sophisticated new business management platform features including staffing, context-driven conversations, roadmap planning, task and to-do item management, and timesheets. The Phoenix UI transports Classic PPM users toward what many consider to be a better user experience; and bridges the gap between interfaces for those using both the Classic and New UX.


Get a glimpse at the new UI theme in this short (less than 1 minute) preview video.
Note: The short preview video has no audio.

  • To learn more about the CA Clarity PPM patch, visit
  • To learn more about the features in the latest release of Clarity PPM 15.6, visit:


Thank you and Enjoy!


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02-18-2019 04:25 PM

This looks awesome! I can't wait to work with my customers on the plan to leverage this.

02-15-2019 04:30 PM

Awesome! Thank you for sharing this Damon.

Preview of New Clarity PPM Phoenix UI Theme 

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