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Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On : AgentName ACO Parameter Limit 

01-19-2018 08:53 AM


We're using 1 ACO for our Reverse Proxy Servers, and we've configured 140 URLs in the Agentname ACO parameter.
When I try to add another URL, the task is submitted correctly. However when I open again my ACO, the URL is not showing entirely.

Can you tell me more about it? Is there a limit for the Agentname ACO parameter?



 CA SSO 12.5x


Actually, the AgentName ACO parameter is multi-valued, and although it's based on the database field settings, it has a character limit of 4000 characters.

In order to overcome this limit, you could do the following:

- On one hand, you can separate AgentName ACO parameter into different AgentName parameters by adding a number to it (So, this is setting AgentName, AgentName1, AgentName[n], etc, with some of the values needed).
This is explained in the Web Agent Configuration guide, which you can find on the following location:
(Under the "Set the AgentName and DefaultAgentName Values" section, check AgentName, and its limits)

- On the other hand, you could create an additional ACO with its own AgentName parameter, and use AgentGroups, however this step would require more configuration.


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