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What You May Have Missed: CA Workload Automation Community (January 2017) 

02-07-2017 02:43 PM

Worried that you may have missed something vital or interesting in the community last month?


That's why I put together "What You May Have Missed" -- a quick way to see some of the most interesting community content and activity from the previous month -- including events, replays, videos, ideas and questions.


Upcoming Events & Replays 

CA Workload Automation Community 2017 Office Hours Schedule 

[WEBCAST REPLAY] CA Solution Update: CA Workload Automation CA 7 Edition 

Office Hours for CA Workload Automation AutoSys Edition (AE): A Live, Online Chat (Feb. 9) 

Office Hours for CA Workload Automation dSeries Edition (DE): A Live, Online Chat (Feb. 23) 


Popular Recently Answered Questions
There is some possibility to  executing a script on a machine that does not have CAWA agent installed but that communicates via SSh by a machine that has agent installed ? 

is there a ca7(mainframe) report which will list all job failures for the year 

Have ESP start process after reboot of Unix Server 

Running Jobs Only After 7 Files Are Present 

SAP Plugin Issues - Java Heap Memory Issues, Jobs complete in SAP but not AE/WCC 


Unanswered Questions -- Help if You Can!

PeopleSoft Agent Plugin OutDestType and OutDestFormat Defaults 

Dataset Trigger in ESP 

History File in Report Manager 

AutoSys failover  

JOB failed with Submit Failed, Event error 


New Ideas -- Please Comment & Vote

ESP Workstation: Add the option 'Auto-Resubmit failed jobs' 

Job Documentation at application level 

CA WAAE certification with Oracle exadata in failover mode 

Enhancement request for PURGSCHF command 

Get version and build information for ESP Agents 


ICYMI: Other Great Community Content

Do you like the new and modernized home page of CA Workload Automation DE DocOps? 

SHARE San Jose 

Welcome to CA - Onboarding webcast for new users 

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