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Generate API Documentation for RESTful Services (14.1) 

Apr 07, 2017 12:01 PM

For 14.1 both the jax-doclets-0.9.0.jar and jax-doclets-0.10.0.jar can be used to generate documentation for the RESTful Services.


Both generate roughly 4 times more documentation when the commands are run from an admin command window. (1856 vs 350 html docs)

While trying to change directories in an admin cmd window I found it necessary to us cd /d ... to change directories instead of just cd.




Both will also generate a convenient hyperlinked index to all 1800 docs within the 'pojo' folder when ran as admin. 


Two things of note from the screenshot below:

First: The library dynamically regenerates you documentation for you as you customize the schema. Just login and copy down the

newest version after cycling the service. (it really works! )


Second: The deploy command will fail to deploy the WAR file with a fatal error and your documentation may not generate at all or only partially

if you run the deploy command from a non-admin cmd window. 



Both the jax-doclets-0.9.0.jar and jax-doclets-0.10.0.jar are attached to save hunting them down

To use 10 just rename it 9.

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