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CA UIM Dashboard Survey 

04-02-2019 12:36 PM

The CA AIOps Research Team wants to collect feedback about CA UIM dashboard via a small survey.

Kindly fill this short survey and help us improve the dashboard.


 CA UIM Dashboard Survey 

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04-02-2019 02:38 PM

Maybe you can post the questions in your main subject item and people can respond with answers?


What I will tell you is that the current dashboard is an embarrassment - both in the context of the "dashboard portlet" and UMP pages that are referred to as "dashboards". It's unclear which you mean actually.


It is very much a point solution tool.


The combination of rectangular "portlets" and static configuration defined at publish time result in an extremely clumsy presentation of data.


So not knowing what the questions are there's three things that really need to happen 

  1. Get rid of any dependency on Flash - many business don't allow it, works badly with Chrome, doesn't work on iDevices, etc.
  2. Implement some sort of runtime code that can manipulate the pages/portlets/objects/data/etc displayed - like PHP for instance. 
  3. Make it faster - In this day of Gb network connections and display devices that exceed teraflop processing rates, why do I have to wait 35 seconds for a dashboard to load? And then another 20 seconds for data to appear? Or a vertical scroll bar that's so slow as to be detrimental to one's sanity.


There's so much more but you have to start somewhere.

04-02-2019 02:10 PM

I feel like I have a case of deja vu.....

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