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Communities: Responding to Replies.

  • 1.  Communities: Responding to Replies.

    Posted Jun 25, 2014 10:17 PM

    Hello Everyone,


    You've posted a Question or Discussion to the Communities, and someone has responded.


    Here's a guide on how continue so that your post has the best chance of response and resolution.


    Communities: Responding to Replies.


    1) Flag the response is the "Correct Answer" to a Question, if it answered it.

    This helps other Community members, and lets you track active queries.


    Note - Flag the post that contains the best information, not the post that confirms it worked or some other!

    Correct Answer.png

    Flagging as Correct Answer:

    • Changes the thread status from "Open" to "Answered."
      Tip: This helps people to know what is active to answer, and helps people looking for solutions to know what has been answered.
    • Moves this Answer to the body of the original question. This helps people find the Question and Answer quickly.
      Tip: It is important to flag the post with the best information, not the post that confirms it worked or some other!
    • Can only be done for "Questions." Discussions may be Commented on, but not flagged as Correct.
      Tip: Make sure that you're original post is correctly flagged as "Question" if it has a specific answer, or "Discussion" if you want "best practice" or open ended advice.


    2) Flag the answer as "Helpful" if it added to the sum of knowledge, but did not take the original post to resolution.


    Mark as Helpful.png

    Flagging as Helpful:

    • Helps people identify useful information.
    • Gives credit to people who help out, encouraging feedback.
    • Confirms that you're monitoring the thread and processing what happens.
    • Allows you to give further information on what is outstanding to be flagged as "Correct Answer."


    Note - you may not see all of the Actions above as available.


    3) "Like" the response, if it is useful in some way to you, even if you aren't the thread owner.



    Liking a thread gives similar feedback as Helpful.

    • Liked items encourage participation from useful responses.
    • Shows that information is useful/applicable.
    • Can be done even if you don't own a thread.
    • Count as activity which appears in Followed items, bringing potentially old but useful information to the top.
    • Highly likely content may automatically promote to featured locations on pages, depending on page setup. For example, "Trending Content."


    4) If none apply, then "Reply!"


    If your question/discussion wasn't progressed by the information, then this is your chance to give further detail.


    Everyone who replies to a conversation believes that their response contains some value, otherwise they wouldn't be posting it.


    If that value is not immediately apparent, then consider:

    • Think about what the post is trying to suggest. Is it approaching the query from a different angle?
    • Do I need to add further information to the original query for clarification or examples?
    • Thanking the user for their input.


    Please always respond and add further information where appropriate if someone has replied to your thread.



    Happy posting.


    Thanks, Kyle_R.