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TIP: How to get a PDF copy of the online Wiki product documentation

  • 1.  TIP: How to get a PDF copy of the online Wiki product documentation

    Posted Jul 28, 2015 10:57 PM

    TIP - How to download the product documentation



    Much of the product documentation for CA products is moving from "PDFs" to online "Wikis." For example, CA Service Desk Manager documentation was a bundle of half a dozen PDF files included with the product, and this is now all online for ITSM 14.1 in a Wiki here: CA Service Management Home - CA Service Management - 14.1 - CA Wiki


    This is all very useful - better online searching, easier to find, kept up-to-date etc, but . . . I was asked if there was still old style PDF documentation instead of the CA Wiki.


    Well, good news, there is.


    On the front page of  the Wiki is a "Print PDF" option.


    This bundles up all of the documentation on that Wiki page, that was in the prior PDF guides (Implementation Guide, Administration Guide, Release Notes etc)  which are now online,  and puts them into one massive 5,000 page PDF file, that you can Save (Or Print, if you really wish to).


    This is already available for many products, and will be coming to more products over time.


    Thanks, Kyle_R.



    Download product documentation.png


    Which gives you a PDF like so:


    Download product documentation 2.png


    Download product documentation 3.png




    Download product documentation 4.png



    Download product documentation 5.png






    Thanks, Kyle_R.