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    Posted Aug 12, 2010 11:00 AM
    Hi all.
    Has anyone successfully configured their "non financially enabled" system as per the instructions from the 6/10/2010 Global User Community webcast?

    So far I'm unable to get any EVM numbers to come out of our system (12.0.5) and have no leads on how to troubleshoot this. I'd love to "compare notes" with someone with EVM working in a non financially enabled system.

    As per my understanding of the instructions....
    - Rate Matrix for resources (labor) is defined and active for the project.

    - All resources are associated with a rate in the rate matrix, so that their planned and actual costs can be generated.

    - Timesheet periods are defined and open for time entry.

    - All assigned resources can enter time.

    - There is at least one setup entry on Earned Value Time Periods page of Clarity Administrative module.

    - Projects and resources are stored in the DataMart. DataMart Extraction and Timeslice jobs have run.

    I interpret this as "Make sure you have an active rate matrix. Make sure you have EVM Period. Make sure you have the Rate Source & Cost Source defined for your Labor Transaction Rates on your project. Configuration-wise, I think I'm set (screen shots below).

    I have posted time to this project (8/9-12). I set the "As of Date" to 8/13. I've run all the jobs in every conceivable order. When I click "Update Earned Value" I get nothing and no idea of what's not firing.

    Any advice on what I've configured wrong or how I can better troubleshoot is greatly appreciated.


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    Posted Aug 13, 2010 12:59 PM
    Hi All,

    Any ideas here for Rob?


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    Posted Aug 16, 2010 09:48 AM
    I have not done much with the Earned Value, but are you running the 'Update Earned Value History Job'?

    Use the Update Earned Value History job to calculate earned value for a project or set of projects and creates earned value snapshots of the time sliced data based on the earned value reporting period that the project manager assigns to the project and the parameters you select. The earned value snapshot is used for historical earned value analysis (EVA) and reporting. The snapshots are stored in rows in the PRJ_EV_HISTORY (earned value history) table. You can use this reporting data to write reports.

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    Best Answer

    Posted Aug 23, 2010 01:37 PM
    Hi all. I wanted to circle back here with our results. A big "thanks" to Jon Hoaldridge, Digital Celerity and the Global User Community for hosting the 6/10 webcast. Getting industry standard performance metrics like SPI and CPI coming out of our app has been on our wish list for a long time. We've finally got the heartbeat going. That said, I have a slightly different setup routine. Basically you need to ensure you have your labor cost data in your project before you baseline - this is accomplished via your Rate Matrix Extraction job. Ours is scheduled to run every hour, so this is what was tripping me up. I would configure the Rate & Cost sources then baseline my project before the Rate Matrix extraction ran, thus creating a project with no BCWS, thus no EVM results. We don't expect this to be a "real world" problem.

    I'm attaching an Open Workbench view that allows you to check to make sure all the data is making it into the schedule properly and listing the tables below you can review for troubleshooting if necessary. The following are the bare minimum steps to EVM numbers in a simple plan.

    Project Creation & Setup:
    Create Project
    Configure Project in Clarity
    Earned Value Reporting Period
    EV Calculation Method
    Rate Source
    Cost Source
    Staff Project
    Build Schedule, Assign Resources
    Save to Clarity

    Run Jobs to Slice the Data Over Time:
    Time Slicing
    Rate Matrix Extraction
    Check Resource Billing Rate in OWB - view attached
    Create baseline.
    Check Resource Baseline Cost in OWB - view attached
    Check COST_SUM in baseline details (PRJ_BASELINE_DETAILS)
    Log time to project
    Post time to project
    Set “As of Date” to end of week time was last logged
    Time Slicing
    Update Earned Value Totals

    You should now see EVM metrics in Clarity and Open Workbench.



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    Posted Aug 23, 2010 02:27 PM
      |   view attached
    Congratulations! You have a working EVM configuration - it's now time to operationalize EVM performance metrics.

    Although a PM can execute the EVM calculations on their projects manually by setting the "As Of Date" to the date they want the project calculated through & click the "Update Earned Value" button on their project, we'd all like something a little more automatic and current, eh?

    Here's what we've done...
    - Set default values for all the necessary setup fields.
    - We've created a Job that sets the As Of Date to the last day of our last posted timeperiod. This is scheduled to run each morning at 5AM on all projects that are active with a status of Approved or Resumed and a progress of Started (sql attached).
    - At 5:05 we run the Updated Earned Value Totals job.

    Voilà - now you have the most current EVM data served fresh each morning.

    Now that the technical setup is complete, the real work begins: educating the organization to EVM, crafting and implementing the business process, etc.


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    Posted Aug 25, 2010 05:51 PM
    Thanks for sharing all this with the group Rob!


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    Posted Dec 10, 2015 11:29 AM

    scott-derderian here's the thread with Update As Of Date stored procedure. Please vote up EVM History "Roll Off" Functionality when you have a chance.