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Monitor & Cancel Long-running SAP job

  • 1.  Monitor & Cancel Long-running SAP job

    Posted 04-28-2015 04:02 PM
    We have AE9 and we use it a lot for releasing scheduled jobs in SAP (R3_ACTIVATE_JOBS) but I'm finding the documentation a little sparse on what to do with some of the other options.

    We are using a real-time indexing feature in SAP called TREX, and sometimes the jobs run very long and hang up the system. We'd like to monitor the jobs in SAP and at least send out an alert to a human if the indexing job has exceeded a certain duration. However, I've never used any of the Monitoring features in the SAP job objects (if that's even the right thing to be looking at). Someone else mentioned using Job Interception.

    Is anyone else using SAP job monitoring, or cancelling jobs in SAP, or using job interception, or anything like that? It looks like AE has tons of functionality that we're just not using. Any examples or tips would be appreciated.

  • 2.  Monitor & Cancel Long-running SAP job

    Posted 04-28-2015 07:00 PM
    AE9 has a Maximum Run Time (MRT) feature under the Runtime tab.  We use this to send an alert when a UC4 job has run longer than it was expected to.

    We don't have SAP, but I seem to remember reading in these forums that cancelling a UC4 SAP job may not actually cancel the SAP activity(?) 

  • 3.  Monitor & Cancel Long-running SAP job

    Posted 05-08-2015 04:28 PM
    That is correct, at least so far as how we use them. Automic might kick off a job in SAP but if you cancel the job in Automic, it keeps chugging away in SAP until someone logs in and stops it. That has actually rarely been an issue.

    For this, the real-time indexing is actually triggered by people making changes in SAP. We wouldn't want Automic to control it in any way. I was just wondering if there was a way to look at these jobs being kicked off and say "hey, this one has been running for 3 hours - could someone manually intervene here?"

  • 4.  Monitor & Cancel Long-running SAP job

    Posted 05-08-2015 05:04 PM
    We use the UC4 MRT(Maximum Run Time) feature.  It is configured on an objects Runtime tab.  In our case we use it to send out an alert email when the object has run longer than expected.  (via ELSE/Execute)

  • 5.  Monitor & Cancel Long-running SAP job

    Posted 05-14-2015 12:32 PM
    Hi Bethel,

    If the SAP jobs are not triggered by UC4 but you still want to monitor them, you can use a Remote Task Manager object or regular SAP jobs with R3_GET_JOBS JCL and some work on the report (post processing).