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  • 1.  uxdat and calendar

    Posted Nov 04, 2014 07:25 AM
    we runned the command uxdat to determine if a specified date is a working day or not.
    On the node used to test the behaviour of the command, we have two calendars: one is the generic default calendar, another is the specific for the node with italian holidays.
    There is a strange behaviour: the command returns 'w' (working) for all italian holidays, and 'h' for american holidays. It seems that the command reads from generic instead specifica calendar.
    Is there a issue or is an error in the command syntax??
    These are some command outputs:
    [root@zlinux20 ~]# $UXEXE/uxdat dd/mm/yyyy 04/07/2014 type
    [root@zlinux20 ~]# $UXEXE/uxdat dd/mm/yyyy 01/05/2014 type
    In our calendar, the 4th of July isn't holiday; instead the 1st of May is holiday.
    We tested the command both on v5.6 and v6.2 nodes.
    Samuele Firpo

  • 2.  uxdat and calendar

    Posted Nov 06, 2014 06:03 AM
    I understood that the general calendar is used because the command uxdat does not refer to MU and my calendar with italian holidays is specific of MU.
    Now, the question is? Is there a way to use specific calendar instead of generic calendar?

  • 3.  uxdat and calendar

    Posted Nov 06, 2014 09:19 AM



    I am afraid there is no way to use the specific calendar since the uxdat doesn't accept MU as argument.


    Sorry, I can't be more helpful



  • 4.  uxdat and calendar

    Posted Dec 03, 2014 04:14 AM

    An update to this topic.


    One of our product expert has just told me that the uxdat does accept MU as argument in fact. Since this info is not documented, a doc enhancement has been opened.

    So the command should look like this:


    uxdat "mm/dd/yyyy" "01/01/2014" "type" [MU=<MU name>]



  • 5.  uxdat and calendar

    Posted Apr 08, 2015 03:41 AM
    We are having similar issues now. We are using DUAS 6.3.41 in zLinux.
    Command without the [MU=<MU name>] uses general calendar, even though the uproc is run in a MU which has its own calendar.

    MU parameter is optional but why it uses the general calendar? In 5.6 it used the calendar/MU where the uproc was running.

    In 6.3 manual it says:
    "Dollar Universe calendars will only be consulted in the case of working day offsets or requests concerning the status of the source date. All other operations are independent of the Dollar Universe environment. The optional item MU=<MU name> indicates the target calendar."

    Is this a bug or working as intended?
    It kind of seems it's working as intended but I'd like to know why it was changed like this?
    I mean it's nice you can now choose what MU/calendar to use, but I think (logically) it should use the current MUs calendar if not specified other wise.

    This is easy to fix by just adding MU=$S_CODUG to end of command and then it's working as it was working in DUAS 5.6 and can be used in any MU without changes.

  • 6.  uxdat and calendar

    Posted Jun 17, 2015 11:06 AM
    With the item MU=$S_CODUG, it seems OK, but not for MU that uses an MU-type calendar...

    Why not use the current calendar of the context MU as default value?

  • 7.  uxdat and calendar

    Posted Jun 18, 2015 05:52 AM

    In v5, the usage of uxdat to target a MU was only possible in a jobs. Some users want to use this command outside of jobs and sometime outside of Dollar Universe (should be a nice tool ... ).

    In V6, the command allows to enter the MU independently of the context. With this change, the context is not taken into account anymore. 

    Yes, only the MU is managed not the Type...