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Setting up a "non-standard" SMTP Server (like gmail) for AE Notifications

  • 1.  Setting up a "non-standard" SMTP Server (like gmail) for AE Notifications

    Posted 01-31-2017 12:09 PM
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    We've had customer in the past ask about how to set up AE Notifications to use SMTP ports other than port 25 and there have been a few discussions on our Community on how to do this as well.  Out of the box, One Automation does not allow for a different port to be used and we'd recommend requesting this be added via  

    That said, one of our Professional Services gurus came up with a great workaround for this that can be used as an example to build off.  Please note that this is not a truly supported configuration, but an example to use.  Feel free to share how you've done similar setups! This example will use gmail.


    AE v12.0 and before (and possible after). Notifications from AE via SMTP (Settings in UC_CLIENT_SETTINGS)


    AE cannot be configured to use a SMTP Port other than 25, it also doesnt seem to take too kindly of SMTP servers that require SSL / Authentication. Out of the box, this makes it impossible to configure AE to send emails to anything but basic SMTP servers (no Gmail, etc.).

    This article proposes a workaround by using a Email Server Relay between AE and any other SMTP server.

    The example given here is with gmail's SMTP servers.


    What you need

    • A windows box / server (Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2014, etc.)
    • hmailserver ( (only compatible with Windows)



    1- Install hmailserver on your server (very simple install procedure)

    2- Open the Admin Console of hmailserver

    3- Create a new Domain (ex:

    dpwgburrd4zc.jpg" width="801">

    4- Create an Account under your new Domain (ex:

    zj47wkhrd74n.jpg" width="800">

    5- (optional) activate logging (just in case, to make sure it works..)

    6paz2sghdum0.jpg" width="804">

    6- configure Relay (Under Protocols -> SMTP - > Delivery of email

    (local hostname: adr on which the hmailserver listens for incoming messages. localhost is fine if installed on the same server as AE)

    -> this is where you specify the connection parameters to your "complex" SMTP server (Ex: Gmail)

    56n0y4mxz6e7.jpg" width="801">

    7- configure your UC_CLIENT_SETTINGS accordingly:

    SMTP_SERVER: Same address as specified in hmailserver

    SMTP_FROM_ADDR: same address as the account created above


    8- Test it: here is a screenshot of the notification coming from gmail:

    pji8dv9y8vnr.jpg" width="621">

    Final Notes:

    Ideally, we should be able to do this on Linux / Unix as well, but have not found an alternative to hmailserver at this time.  If someone knows of one, please share!

    A big shoutout to brendan_sapience_automic and peter_grundler_automic for the content on this!

  • 2.  Setting up a "non-standard" SMTP Server (like gmail) for AE Notifications

    Posted 01-31-2017 12:33 PM
    as an additional note: Step 4 (creating an account) is actually not necessary at all, it turns out!