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How do I xog out the Task view from CAPPM 14.3

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  • 1.  How do I xog out the Task view from CAPPM 14.3

    Posted 03-21-2018 10:23 AM

    I need to create a new sub menu item from the Task tab called "Milestone Tracking" and I was hoping I could just xog out the Task view called projmgr.keyTaskList, however when I execute the xog to retrieve it, it runs successfully but nothing is available in the Xog out portion of my screen.


    Here is the xml for the...

    Xog In:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <NikuDataBus xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../xsd/nikuxog_read.xsd">
        <Header version="13.0" action="read" objectType="contentPack" externalSource="NIKU">
            <!-- the contentType is used to determine which filter goes where -->
            <args contentType="job_definition" name="order_by_1" value="code"/>
            <args contentType="menu" name="order_by_1" value="code"/>
            <args contentType="view" name="order_by_1" value="code"/>
            <args contentType="process" name="order_by_1" value="code"/>
            <args contentType="object" name="order_by_1" value="code"/>
            <Filter name="code" criteria="EQUALS">list</Filter>
            <Filter name="object_code" criteria="EQUALS">Task List::projmgr.wbsTaskList</Filter>


    Xog Result:

    <NikuDataBus xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../xsd/nikuxog_contentPack.xsd">
          <Header action="write" externalSource="NIKU" objectType="contentPack" version=""/>
          <contentPack update="true"/>


    Xog OUTPUT:

            <Object type="contentPack"/>
            <Status state="SUCCESS"/>
            <Statistics failureRecords="0" insertedRecords="0" totalNumberOfRecords="0" updatedRecords="0"/>


    So I am a little perplexed as to why I am not getting any Xog Result: ?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




    Jonathan T.

  • 2.  Re: How do I xog out the Task view from CAPPM 14.3

    Posted 03-21-2018 12:51 PM

    Your "object_code" should just be "task" I would think.


    Some previous discussions ;

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  • 3.  Re: How do I xog out the Task view from CAPPM 14.3

    Posted 03-21-2018 01:48 PM

    If you use for input


    <NikuDataBus xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../xsd/nikuxog_read.xsd">
      <Header version="8.0" action="read" objectType="contentPack" externalSource="NIKU">
        <!-- the contentType is used to determine which filter goes where -->
        <args contentType="job_definition" name="order_by_1" value="code"/>
        <args contentType="menu" name="order_by_1" value="code"/>
        <args contentType="view" name="order_by_1" value="code"/>
        <args contentType="process" name="order_by_1" value="code"/>
        <args contentType="object" name="order_by_1" value="code"/>
        <args name="singleContentType" value="view" />
        <args name="no_dependencies" value="true" />
        <Filter name="code" criteria="EQUALS">list</Filter>
        <Filter name="object_code" criteria="EQUALS">task</Filter>


    you all the list views for the task object.


    That should no be too much data unless many of your users have personalized them.


    Object code is task as Dave_3.0  says.

  • 4.  Re: How do I xog out the Task view from CAPPM 14.3

    Posted 03-21-2018 01:52 PM



    I ran your xml above and it did not return any information at all?  Just an empty XOG Results window?

  • 5.  Re: How do I xog out the Task view from CAPPM 14.3

    Posted 03-21-2018 01:59 PM
      |   view attached


    - task

    - view

    - XOG rights

    do you have?

    When I run it I get what is in the attachment.


    zip   10K 1 version

  • 6.  Re: How do I xog out the Task view from CAPPM 14.3

    Posted 03-21-2018 02:12 PM



    By attachment, do you mean the XML you posted above?  I don't see any attachments like a file?


    I have "All" Rights granted to my admin account, so I can do anything and everything with my admin account in our R&D Environment.

  • 7.  Re: How do I xog out the Task view from CAPPM 14.3

    Posted 03-21-2018 02:36 PM

    If you do have the rights then that should not be the issue,
    For the attachment I do see it

  • 8.  Re: How do I xog out the Task view from CAPPM 14.3

    Posted 03-29-2018 11:39 AM



    Thank you for the attachment, it worked in getting the correct views xogged out.  I have added an additional view called "Milestone tracking", it's a replication of the "Task List" view.

    I am able to Xog in the new view list with no issues, however, I cannot seem to find it once the Xog has completed.

    I have also created the link on the Task Object as well.

    Could someone help in trying to figure out whhy I cannot see the new listing in the Tasks Tab?


    Thank You & Regards


    Here is the Xog Data:


    <list allowConfigure="true" allowConfigureLabel="true" allowEditing="true" code="projmgr.milestoneTaskList" dataProviderId="tasks"
        dataProviderPartitionId="NIKU.ROOT" dataProviderType="system" defaultSortColumn="baseline_finish" defaultSortOrder="ascending" forceFilter="false"
        gridAttributeProtection="0" hasEditableColumn="true" metricsLocation="bottom" secondSortColumn="prname" secondSortOrder="ascending" showAltValueText="true" showColumnCurrencyCode="false">
        <nls languageCode="en" name="Milestone Tracking"/>
        <column align="left" allowEditing="false" allowHeaderWrapping="false" allowWrapping="false" code="odf_pk" extType="selector" isEditable="false"
          position="1" showHeaderLabel="true" showSeparator="true" type="checkbox" width="2">
          <nls languageCode="de" name="Selektor"/>
          <nls languageCode="no" name="Velger"/>
          <nls languageCode="fi" name="Valitsin"/>
          <nls languageCode="ru" name="Селектор"/>
          <nls languageCode="sv" name="Väljare"/>
          <nls languageCode="ko" name="선택자"/>
          <nls languageCode="pt" name="Seletor"/>
          <nls languageCode="en" name="Selector"/>
          <nls languageCode="it" name="Selettore"/>
          <nls languageCode="fr" name="Sélecteur"/>
          <nls languageCode="hu" name="Kijelölő"/>
          <nls languageCode="es" name="Selector"/>
          <nls languageCode="zh" name="选择器"/>
          <nls languageCode="cs" name="Selektor"/>
          <nls languageCode="zh_TW" name="選取器"/>
          <nls languageCode="ja" name="セレクタ"/>
          <nls languageCode="pl" name="Selektor"/>
          <nls languageCode="da" name="Vælger"/>
          <nls languageCode="ca" name="Selector"/>
          <nls languageCode="nl" name="Selecteur"/>
          <nls languageCode="tr" name="Seçici"/>
          <column align="left" allowEditing="true" allowHeaderWrapping="false" allowWrapping="false" code="prname" isEditable="true"
          link="projmgr.taskProperties" linkTarget="new" position="2" showHeaderLabel="true" showSeparator="false" type="label">
          <nls languageCode="de" name="Aufgabe"/>
          <nls languageCode="no" name="Aktivitet"/>
          <nls languageCode="fi" name="Tehtävä"/>
          <nls languageCode="ru" name="Задача"/>
          <nls languageCode="sv" name="Uppgift"/>
          <nls languageCode="ko" name="태스크"/>
          <nls languageCode="pt" name="Tarefa"/>
          <nls languageCode="en" name="Task"/>
          <nls languageCode="it" name="Attività"/>
          <nls languageCode="fr" name="Tâche"/>
          <nls languageCode="hu" name="Feladat"/>
          <nls languageCode="es" name="Tarea"/>
          <nls languageCode="zh" name="任务"/>
          <nls languageCode="cs" name="Úkol"/>
          <nls languageCode="zh_TW" name="任務"/>
          <nls languageCode="ja" name="タスク"/>
          <nls languageCode="pl" name="Zadanie"/>
          <nls languageCode="da" name="Opgave"/>
          <nls languageCode="ca" name="Tasca"/>
          <nls languageCode="nl" name="Taak"/>
          <nls languageCode="tr" name="Görev"/>
          <indicatorImage code="priskey" location="after"/>
          <indicatorImage code="prismilestone" location="after"/>
          <column align="left" allowEditing="true" allowHeaderWrapping="true" allowWrapping="false" code="prexternalid" isEditable="true" position="3"
          showHeaderLabel="true" showSeparator="false" type="label">
          <nls languageCode="de" name="Aufgaben-ID"/>
          <nls languageCode="no" name="Aktivitets-ID"/>
          <nls languageCode="fi" name="Tehtävän tunnus"/>
          <nls languageCode="ru" name="Код задачи"/>
          <nls languageCode="sv" name="ID för uppgift"/>
          <nls languageCode="ko" name="태스크 ID"/>
          <nls languageCode="pt" name="ID da tarefa"/>
          <nls languageCode="en" name="Task ID"/>
          <nls languageCode="it" name="ID attività"/>
          <nls languageCode="fr" name="ID de la tâche"/>
          <nls languageCode="hu" name="Feladatazonosító"/>
          <nls languageCode="es" name="ID de la tarea"/>
          <nls languageCode="zh" name="任务 ID"/>
          <nls languageCode="cs" name="ID úkolu"/>
          <nls languageCode="zh_TW" name="任務 ID"/>
          <nls languageCode="ja" name="タスク ID"/>
          <nls languageCode="pl" name="Identyfikator zadania"/>
          <nls languageCode="da" name="Opgave-id"/>
          <nls languageCode="ca" name="ID de la tasca"/>
          <nls languageCode="nl" name="Id taak"/>
          <nls languageCode="tr" name="Görev Kimliği"/>
          <column align="center" allowEditing="true" allowHeaderWrapping="true" allowWrapping="false" alt="por_prstart" code="prstart" formatPattern="day"
          isEditable="true" position="4" showHeaderLabel="true" showSeparator="false" type="label">
          <nls languageCode="de" name="Anfang"/>
          <nls languageCode="no" name="Start"/>
          <nls languageCode="fi" name="Aloita"/>
          <nls languageCode="ru" name="Дата начала"/>
          <nls languageCode="sv" name="Start"/>
          <nls languageCode="ko" name="시작"/>
          <nls languageCode="pt" name="Início"/>
          <nls languageCode="en" name="Start"/>
          <nls languageCode="it" name="Inizio"/>
          <nls languageCode="fr" name="Début"/>
          <nls languageCode="hu" name="Indítás"/>
          <nls languageCode="es" name="Inicio"/>
          <nls languageCode="zh" name="开始"/>
          <nls languageCode="cs" name="Zahájení"/>
          <nls languageCode="zh_TW" name="開始日期"/>
          <nls languageCode="ja" name="開始"/>
          <nls languageCode="pl" name="Rozpoczęcie"/>
          <nls languageCode="da" name="Start"/>
          <nls languageCode="ca" name="Inici"/>
          <nls languageCode="nl" name="Start"/>
          <nls languageCode="tr" name="Başlangıç"/>
          <column align="center" allowEditing="true" allowHeaderWrapping="true" allowWrapping="false" alt="por_prfinish" code="prfinish" formatPattern="day"
          isEditable="true" position="5" showHeaderLabel="true" showSeparator="false" type="label">
          <nls languageCode="de" name="Ende"/>
          <nls languageCode="no" name="Slutt"/>
          <nls languageCode="fi" name="Päättyminen"/>
          <nls languageCode="ru" name="Готово"/>
          <nls languageCode="sv" name="Slut"/>
          <nls languageCode="ko" name="마침"/>
          <nls languageCode="pt" name="Término"/>
          <nls languageCode="en" name="Finish"/>
          <nls languageCode="it" name="Fine"/>
          <nls languageCode="fr" name="Fin"/>
          <nls languageCode="hu" name="Befejezés"/>
          <nls languageCode="es" name="Finalización"/>
          <nls languageCode="zh" name="结束"/>
          <nls languageCode="cs" name="Dokončení"/>
          <nls languageCode="zh_TW" name="完成日期"/>
          <nls languageCode="ja" name="終了"/>
          <nls languageCode="pl" name="Koniec"/>
          <nls languageCode="da" name="Slut"/>
          <nls languageCode="ca" name="Acabament"/>
          <nls languageCode="nl" name="Einde"/>
          <nls languageCode="tr" name="Bitiş"/>
          <column align="center" allowEditing="false" allowHeaderWrapping="false" allowWrapping="true" code="baseline_finish" formatPattern="day"
          isEditable="false" position="6" showHeaderLabel="true" showSeparator="false" type="label">
          <nls languageCode="de" name="Basisplanende"/>
          <nls languageCode="no" name="Planlagt slutt"/>
          <nls languageCode="fi" name="Tavoitesuunnitelman loppu"/>
          <nls languageCode="ru" name="Окончание по базовому плану"/>
          <nls languageCode="sv" name="Originalplan - Slut"/>
          <nls languageCode="ko" name="초기 계획 종료"/>
          <nls languageCode="pt" name="Término da linha de base"/>
          <nls languageCode="en" name="Baseline Finish"/>
          <nls languageCode="it" name="Fine previsione"/>
          <nls languageCode="fr" name="Fin de la référence"/>
          <nls languageCode="hu" name="Baseline befejezése"/>
          <nls languageCode="es" name="Finalización de la línea de referencia"/>
          <nls languageCode="zh" name="基准结束"/>
          <nls languageCode="cs" name="Dokončení ve směr. plánu"/>
          <nls languageCode="zh_TW" name="比較基準完成日期"/>
          <nls languageCode="ja" name="ベースライン終了日"/>
          <nls languageCode="pl" name="Zakończenie według planu bazowego"/>
          <nls languageCode="da" name="Baseline-afslutning"/>
          <nls languageCode="ca" name="Acabament de la línia de referència"/>
          <nls languageCode="nl" name="Baseline voltooiing"/>
          <nls languageCode="tr" name="Anahat Bitişi"/>
          <column align="center" allowEditing="false" allowHeaderWrapping="false" allowWrapping="true" code="is_late_finish" isEditable="false" position="7"
          showHeaderLabel="true" showSeparator="false" type="image">
          <nls languageCode="de" name="Verspätet"/>
          <nls languageCode="no" name="Er forsinket"/>
          <nls languageCode="fi" name="On myöhässä"/>
          <nls languageCode="ru" name="Просрочено"/>
          <nls languageCode="sv" name="Är sen"/>
          <nls languageCode="ko" name="지연"/>
          <nls languageCode="pt" name="Está atrasado"/>
          <nls languageCode="en" name="Is Late"/>
          <nls languageCode="it" name="In ritardo"/>
          <nls languageCode="fr" name="En ******"/>
          <nls languageCode="hu" name="Késésben van"/>
          <nls languageCode="es" name="Está retrasado"/>
          <nls languageCode="zh" name="是否延迟"/>
          <nls languageCode="cs" name="Je opožděný"/>
          <nls languageCode="zh_TW" name="延遲"/>
          <nls languageCode="ja" name="遅延"/>
          <nls languageCode="pl" name="Opóźnione"/>
          <nls languageCode="da" name="Er forsinket"/>
          <nls languageCode="ca" name="Està endarrerit"/>
          <nls languageCode="nl" name="Is laat"/>
          <nls languageCode="tr" name="Gecikti mi?"/>
          <column align="left" allowEditing="false" allowHeaderWrapping="false" allowWrapping="true" code="prstatus_caption" isEditable="false" position="8"
          showHeaderLabel="true" showSeparator="true" type="label">
          <nls languageCode="de" name="Status"/>
          <nls languageCode="no" name="Status"/>
          <nls languageCode="fi" name="Tila"/>
          <nls languageCode="ru" name="Статус"/>
          <nls languageCode="sv" name="Status"/>
          <nls languageCode="ko" name="상태"/>
          <nls languageCode="pt" name="Status"/>
          <nls languageCode="en" name="Status"/>
          <nls languageCode="it" name="Stato"/>
          <nls languageCode="fr" name="Statut"/>
          <nls languageCode="hu" name="Állapot"/>
          <nls languageCode="es" name="Estado"/>
          <nls languageCode="zh" name="状态"/>
          <nls languageCode="cs" name="Stav"/>
          <nls languageCode="zh_TW" name="狀態"/>
          <nls languageCode="ja" name="ステータス"/>
          <nls languageCode="pl" name="Stan"/>
          <nls languageCode="da" name="Status"/>
          <nls languageCode="ca" name="Estat"/>
          <nls languageCode="nl" name="Status"/>
          <nls languageCode="tr" name="Durum"/>
          <column align="right" allowEditing="true" allowHeaderWrapping="false" allowWrapping="false" code="prpctcomplete" formatPattern="0"
          isEditable="true" position="9" showHeaderLabel="true" showSeparator="true" type="label" width="1">
          <nls languageCode="de" name="Fortschrittsgrad"/>
          <nls languageCode="no" name="% fullført"/>
          <nls languageCode="fi" name="%:a valmiina"/>
          <nls languageCode="ru" name="% выполнения"/>
          <nls languageCode="sv" name="% klart"/>
          <nls languageCode="ko" name="완료 %"/>
          <nls languageCode="pt" name="% concluído"/>
          <nls languageCode="en" name="% Complete"/>
          <nls languageCode="it" name="% di completamento"/>
          <nls languageCode="fr" name="% d'avancement"/>
          <nls languageCode="hu" name="% befejezve"/>
          <nls languageCode="es" name="% completado"/>
          <nls languageCode="zh" name="完成百分比"/>
          <nls languageCode="cs" name="% dokončeno"/>
          <nls languageCode="zh_TW" name="完成 %"/>
          <nls languageCode="ja" name="完了率 (%)"/>
          <nls languageCode="pl" name="% ukończenia"/>
          <nls languageCode="da" name="% fuldført"/>
          <nls languageCode="ca" name="% completat"/>
          <nls languageCode="nl" name="% Voltooid"/>
          <nls languageCode="tr" name="Tamamlanan %"/>
          <column align="center" allowEditing="false" allowHeaderWrapping="false" allowWrapping="true" code="priscritical" isEditable="false" position="10"
          showHeaderLabel="true" showSeparator="false" type="image" width="1">
          <nls languageCode="de" name="Kritisch"/>
          <nls languageCode="no" name="Kritisk"/>
          <nls languageCode="fi" name="Kriittinen"/>
          <nls languageCode="ru" name="Критический"/>
          <nls languageCode="sv" name="Kritisk"/>
          <nls languageCode="ko" name="중요"/>
          <nls languageCode="pt" name="Crítico"/>
          <nls languageCode="en" name="Critical"/>
          <nls languageCode="it" name="Critico"/>
          <nls languageCode="fr" name="Critique"/>
          <nls languageCode="hu" name="Kritikus"/>
          <nls languageCode="es" name="Crítico"/>
          <nls languageCode="zh" name="关键"/>
          <nls languageCode="cs" name="Kritické"/>
          <nls languageCode="zh_TW" name="重要"/>
          <nls languageCode="ja" name="重要"/>
          <nls languageCode="pl" name="Krytyczne"/>
          <nls languageCode="da" name="Kritisk"/>
          <nls languageCode="ca" name="Crític"/>
          <nls languageCode="nl" name="Kritiek"/>
          <nls languageCode="tr" name="Kritik"/>
          <column align="center" allowEditing="false" allowHeaderWrapping="false" allowWrapping="true" code="is_open_te" isEditable="false" position="11"
          showHeaderLabel="true" showSeparator="false" type="image" width="1">
          <nls languageCode="de" name="Für Zeiteintrag geöffnet"/>
          <nls languageCode="no" name="Åpen for tidsregistrering"/>
          <nls languageCode="fi" name="Avattu aikamerkinnälle"/>
          <nls languageCode="ru" name="Открыто для ввода времени"/>
          <nls languageCode="sv" name="Öppna för tidsangivelse"/>
          <nls languageCode="ko" name="시간 입력을 위해 오픈됨"/>
          <nls languageCode="pt" name="Aberto para entrada de horas"/>
          <nls languageCode="en" name="Open for Time Entry"/>
          <nls languageCode="it" name="Aperto per immissione ore"/>
          <nls languageCode="fr" name="Ouvrir à la saisie de temps"/>
          <nls languageCode="hu" name="Nyitva időbevitelhez"/>
          <nls languageCode="es" name="Abierto para entrada de tiempo"/>
          <nls languageCode="zh" name="打开以输入时间"/>
          <nls languageCode="cs" name="Otevřeno pro zápis času"/>
          <nls languageCode="zh_TW" name="開啟供工時輸入使用"/>
          <nls languageCode="ja" name="時間入力オープン"/>
          <nls languageCode="pl" name="Otwórz dla pozycji czasu"/>
          <nls languageCode="da" name="Åben for tidsregistrering"/>
          <nls languageCode="ca" name="Obert per a entrada de temps"/>
          <nls languageCode="nl" name="Open voor tijdsinvoer"/>
          <nls languageCode="tr" name="Zaman Girişi için Açık"/>
          <column align="center" allowEditing="false" allowHeaderWrapping="true" allowWrapping="false" code="por_prstart" formatPattern="day"
          isEditable="false" position="-1" showHeaderLabel="true" showSeparator="true" type="label">
          <nls languageCode="de" name="Anfang (Vergleich mit)"/>
          <nls languageCode="no" name="Start (sammenligne med)"/>
          <nls languageCode="fi" name="Alku (verrattuna)"/>
          <nls languageCode="ru" name="Дата начала (сравнение)"/>
          <nls languageCode="sv" name="Start (Jämför med)"/>
          <nls languageCode="ko" name="시작(비교 대상)"/>
          <nls languageCode="pt" name="Iniciar (Comparar a)"/>
          <nls languageCode="en" name="Start (Compare To)"/>
          <nls languageCode="it" name="Inizio (Confronta con)"/>
          <nls languageCode="fr" name="Début (comparaison)"/>
          <nls languageCode="hu" name="Indítás (összehasonlítás)"/>
          <nls languageCode="es" name="Inicio (comparar con)"/>
          <nls languageCode="zh" name="开始(比较)"/>
          <nls languageCode="cs" name="Spustit (porovnání)"/>
          <nls languageCode="zh_TW" name="開始 (比較)"/>
          <nls languageCode="ja" name="開始 (比較対象)"/>
          <nls languageCode="pl" name="Rozpocznij (porównanie)"/>
          <nls languageCode="da" name="Start (sammenlign med)"/>
          <nls languageCode="ca" name="Inici (comparar amb)"/>
          <nls languageCode="nl" name="Start (Vergelijken met)"/>
          <nls languageCode="tr" name="Başlangıç (Karşılaştır)"/>
          <column align="center" allowEditing="false" allowHeaderWrapping="true" allowWrapping="false" code="por_prfinish" formatPattern="day"
          isEditable="false" position="-1" showHeaderLabel="true" showSeparator="true" type="label">
          <nls languageCode="de" name="Ende (Vergleich mit)"/>
          <nls languageCode="no" name="Slutt (sammenlign med)"/>
          <nls languageCode="fi" name="Päättyminen (verrattuna)"/>
          <nls languageCode="ru" name="Готово (сравнение)"/>
          <nls languageCode="sv" name="Slutförande (Jämför med)"/>
          <nls languageCode="ko" name="종료(비교 대상)"/>
          <nls languageCode="pt" name="Concluir (Comparar a)"/>
          <nls languageCode="en" name="Finish (Compare To)"/>
          <nls languageCode="it" name="Fine (Confronta con)"/>
          <nls languageCode="fr" name="Fin (comparaison)"/>
          <nls languageCode="hu" name="Befejezés (összehasonlítás mással)"/>
          <nls languageCode="es" name="Finalización (comparar con)"/>
          <nls languageCode="zh" name="结束(比较)"/>
          <nls languageCode="cs" name="Dokončit (porovnání)"/>
          <nls languageCode="zh_TW" name="完成 (比較)"/>
          <nls languageCode="ja" name="終了 (比較対象)"/>
          <nls languageCode="pl" name="Koniec (porównanie z)"/>
          <nls languageCode="da" name="Slut (sammenlign med)"/>
          <nls languageCode="ca" name="Acabament (comparar amb)"/>
          <nls languageCode="nl" name="Einde (Vergelijken met)"/>
          <nls languageCode="tr" name="Bitir (Karşılaştır)"/>
          <group code="general" groupOrder="0" id="-1" viewId="5007045" viewType="grid">
          <action code="projmgr.selectProjectTemplate" objectCode="task" target_widget="none"/>
          <action code="projmgr.createBaseline" objectCode="project" target_widget="none"/>
          <action code="projmgr.updateEarnedValueAction" objectCode="task" target_widget="none"/>
          <nls description="General" languageCode="en" name="General"/>
          <nls description="Général" languageCode="fr" name="Général"/>
          <nls description="Allgemein" languageCode="de" name="Allgemein"/>
          <nls description="General" languageCode="es" name="General"/>
          <nls description="概要" languageCode="ja" name="概要"/>
          <nls description="Algemeen" languageCode="nl" name="Algemeen"/>
          <nls description="Geral" languageCode="pt" name="Geral"/>
          <nls description="Generale" languageCode="it" name="Generale"/>
          <nls description="Obecné" languageCode="cs" name="Obecné"/>
          <nls description="Allmänt" languageCode="sv" name="Allmänt"/>
          <nls description="일반" languageCode="ko" name="일반"/>
          <nls description="常规" languageCode="zh" name="常规"/>
          <nls description="一般" languageCode="zh_TW" name="一般"/>
          <nls description="Generelt" languageCode="da" name="Generelt"/>
          <nls description="Yleiset" languageCode="fi" name="Yleiset"/>
          <nls description="Generelt" languageCode="no" name="Generelt"/>
          <nls description="Általános" languageCode="hu" name="Általános"/>
          <nls description="Ogólne" languageCode="pl" name="Ogólne"/>
          <nls description="Общее" languageCode="ru" name="Общее"/>
          <nls description="Genel" languageCode="tr" name="Genel"/>
          <nls description="General" languageCode="ca" name="General"/>

  • 9.  Re: How do I xog out the Task view from CAPPM 14.3

    Posted 03-29-2018 02:17 PM

    If you would like to add it in the drop down

    I do not think a user can do that in the GUI. It is part of the Project default layout

    and the content of the tabs is not configurable.

    You could put that on a new tab or you could try to XOG out the project default layout, add it to he xml file and XOG back in.

    The risk is that if that goes wrong the default project layout may get corrupted.

  • 10.  Re: How do I xog out the Task view from CAPPM 14.3

    Posted 04-10-2018 09:48 AM



    Yes, I was not ale to add it to the drop down menu, I added a new tab, however, when I try and filter on the project I am currently reviewing, it filters on all projects in the system, not just the one I am viewing.


    Is their a way to map the new tab to only filtering on the project I am currently viewing versus the entire database of projects?



  • 11.  Re: How do I xog out the Task view from CAPPM 14.3
    Best Answer

    Posted 04-10-2018 01:21 PM

    I don't know if that can be done.

    It appears to me that the OOTB task list is using a page filter - Task list filter.

    One avenue to explore is to put your new view on a page and create a page filter.

    Investment ID which is needed is on field list, so it might be possible.


    How did you try to filter on the project?