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CLWorkstation to MetricsDataService

  • 1.  CLWorkstation to MetricsDataService

    Posted 02-15-2017 01:41 PM

    Hi all folks,

    in the past we use the CLWorkstation interface/api to retrieve some data from the EMs, but now (with APM 10.5.1) we switched to the new SOAP interface/api (via introscope-web-services/services/MetricsDataService).


    My questions, are there some usefull general migration hints and tips available.

    Where can I get the values for the "value count" and the "value", "min", "max" from, all the time I try to retrieve some data I get the "value" only.


    Thanks for any help,


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  • 3.  Re: CLWorkstation to MetricsDataService

    Posted 02-16-2017 09:17 AM

    Hi Hal German,

    I spent some time to check the Tec Docs also, I think the SOAP request API I'm interresting in was never implemented but specified for Introscope 9.5.0, see TEC613492, "9.5 Introscope Webservices API: no support for getExtendedMetricData Operation for the Metrics Data Web Service".


    In general I have no problems to handle the SOAP API, I get some data, but I missed some data I got via the CLWorkstation API in the past.

    And I missed some general Hints and Tips about the performance tuning for the EM. Sometimes we send a request to an EM and get now answer, but a second SOAP API request works well and retrieve some data.


    Thanks for the Tec Doc links,





  • 4.  Re: CLWorkstation to MetricsDataService

    Posted 02-16-2017 09:23 AM

    Thanks Lutz. I asked others internally to respond. Hopefully they will .

  • 5.  Re: CLWorkstation to MetricsDataService

    Posted 02-17-2017 03:27 PM

    Hi Lutz,


    is there a specific reason you want to use the web service? In APM 10.5 we introduced APM SQL as a simple, elegant and more efficient way to query metric data: CA APMSQL Cookbook - CA Application Performance Management - 10.5 - CA Technologies Documentation 


    Please give that a try!




  • 6.  Re: CLWorkstation to MetricsDataService

    Posted 02-21-2017 01:54 PM

    Hi Guenter Grossberger,

    yes, I know the new APMSQL API. But the APMSQL API is not available for AIX EMs today (even so, I use it) on the one hand, on the other the APMSQL API is available on systems are using a DB only, but we don't use a DB in general. We use a PostgreSQL DB with some EMs only (with AIX).

    That's the reason,


  • 7.  Re: CLWorkstation to MetricsDataService

    Posted 02-22-2017 08:47 AM

    Hi Lutz:

        Guenter_Grossberger is away this week. I will mention your inquiry to others to try to get an answer.



    Hal German