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GC Heap / Count

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  • 1.  GC Heap / Count

    Posted 11-08-2017 08:42 AM

    You can ask me a question!

    In the image below we have the two metrics of GC-Heap, so far so good!
    What would the values in count 34441 be? would be the number of times the GC-Heap was run?



  • 2.  Re: GC Heap / Count

    Posted 11-08-2017 09:00 AM

    I would like the APM customers/admins, and CA partners be the first to answer PotterMan's question on what is going on with count . Thanks in advance

  • 3.  Re: GC Heap / Count
    Best Answer

    Posted 11-09-2017 02:57 PM

    I was hoping that someone would respond to this. If you do not see a response by the time you read this, please consider opening a case

  • 4.  Re: GC Heap / Count

    Posted 11-09-2017 05:07 PM

    That is count.  Count is the number of data points in that period.

  • 5.  Re: GC Heap / Count

    Posted 11-16-2017 10:28 AM

    The count is the number of measurements.  Displaying 1 day at a 15 second resolution would have a count of 86,4000. Its used to find the average / value. 

  • 6.  Re: GC Heap / Count

    Posted 11-19-2017 10:06 PM

    Hello! Gentlemen! Thank you!