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SPS Admin UI 12.52 cr04 Setup

  • 1.  SPS Admin UI 12.52 cr04 Setup

    Posted 01-26-2017 01:56 PM

    Hello All,


    I'm new to the CA SSO world and working on an SPS upgrade from 12.51 to 12.52 cr04.

    Is there a way to setup the Admin UI without going through the ./configuration process?


    Ex: Create domain in PS Admin UI , protect /proxyui realm...


    I could not seem to find the SPS Admin UI Authentication scheme. Is this created during the SPS ./configuration?


    Thank you.

  • 2.  Re: SPS Admin UI 12.52 cr04 Setup

    Posted 01-26-2017 05:31 PM

    Hi Trevon,


    If you already had Proxy UI ( SPS Admin UI) configured in r12.51, you do NOT need to do anything after upgrade to r12.52 SP1 CR04.


    However, if this is the first time you are configuring Proxy UI , then yes you will need to configure it , most of the configuration is done by the installer automatically.


    All you need to do is following :


    Protect the Administrative User Interface

    By default, the installer creates a protection policy to protect the Administrative User Interface. The installer uses the defined Agent Name to create the protection policy with the following details:


    The protection policy does not contain the user directory information. Perform the following steps to log in to the Administrative User Interface:

    1. Update DOMAIN-SPSPADMINUI with the user directory information.
    2. Update POLICY-SPSADMINUI with user information.

    Launch the Administrative User Interface

    You can launch the Administrative User Interface after you start the proxy engine services. To launch the URL, enter the following URL in a web browser:


    CA SiteMinder® SPS is installed or upgraded, and is configured.


    CA SiteMinder® SPS Integrated Documents 12.52 SP1 




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