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Important & Urgent Reminder: Java Certificate Expiry

  • 1.  Important & Urgent Reminder: Java Certificate Expiry

    Posted 09-25-2016 10:32 AM

    Hello Team,


    We are again at the time when we would want to remind you all once again about this ugly problem, which you might run into. We are absolutely better prepared compared to the last time and have taken some key steps too. 

    To give people enough time, our support teams published KB Article early April 2016 - The java certificate for CA Spectrum is set to expire on October 16, 2016 and then followed up with a reminder posted last month.

    Just to re-iterate, the impact - OneClick Java JRE certificate for CA Spectrum will expire on October 16,2016. As a result, OneClick Client will not launch for users - other components would continue to work.


    As per the published documents, we have patch releases available for currently supported versions 10.x & 9.4.x. Very important to note is that these are "patch deliveries" and would not need a full blown upgrade, just apply these on the supported versions. Our records show MANY customers have already updated themselves, we wanted to request & remind customers who have not yet.


    9.2.x & 9.3.x are no longer supported versions - but we know some of you are still on this and planning to move by end of the year. Given this impacts business heavily (aka 100%) - we are sensitive and pushing the teams to go the extra mile and publish patches for these versions too. We expect to publish them in the next day or two (teams are working over the weekend to have these done). We will be sending individual emails as well as continuously update communities and support site.


    Once again, do not hesitate to reach out to me, the product team or your local support or account teams. The permanent solution for this, we are pushing ourselves to get to. Webclient seems to be the more realistic one in the near future



    Kiran Diwakar