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Questions about Agent in Ca ITpam tool

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  • 1.  Questions about Agent in Ca ITpam tool

    Posted 02-11-2016 02:48 AM

    Hi All,


    I am new to Ca ITpam tool ...  have a 2 quick questions about agent.

    Q1--> what is diff between Orchestrator and Agent?

    Q2--> What is Agent and why we go for agent(give me sample example) and what it will do?(is their any concept about FTP or SFTP)



    Thanks in advance.


  • 2.  Re: Questions about Agent in Ca ITpam tool
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    Posted 02-11-2016 08:33 AM


    An agent is a small part of the Orchestrator Engine that you install on remote systems to allow parts of PAM processes to run on that particular server.    You can get a high level overview of all Process Automation components here:


    A simple example would be if you need to read, or write a file onto a specific, remote, server.  You could install an agent on that remote server to allow access to that local file system.