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GMU Export Failing

  • 1.  GMU Export Failing

    Posted 06-29-2017 02:22 PM



    Running GMU command to export from gateway 8.4, as below, but it is giving error as below :--

    ./ --jdk /opt/jdk1.8.0_40/bin/java list --clientCert migrate.p12 -h hostname --username migrate --plaintextPassword '*********' -t USER




  • 2.  Re: GMU Export Failing

    Posted 06-30-2017 05:16 AM

    Hi Ankush ,


    Please can you attach the error message. If you would like to export a policy, I would use the following procedure. 


    To browse through the published services.
    ./ browse -h <ip> -u admin --plaintextPassword 7layer --trustHostname --trustCertificate --showIds


    To extract policies (backup) -f directory will break it down to different directries within the bundle_all1 folder.
    ./ migrateOut --a --host <IP> --username admin --plaintextPassword 7layer -dest bundle_all1 -plaintextEncryptionPassphrase 7layer -trustCertificate --trustHostname -f directory


    To publish them back (restore)
    ./ migrateIn -b /home/ssgconfig/abc.xml --host --username admin --plaintextPassword 7layer -plaintextEncryptionPassphrase 7layer -trustCertificate --trustHostname --results results.xml



    Seenu Mathew

  • 3.  Re: GMU Export Failing

    Posted 06-30-2017 01:41 PM
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    Hi Seenu,


    Thanks !! 

    Above works fine for individual policy export/import. I tried for complete export/import, but it gave an error. Attaching the output for the same.

    Also, if I try GMU using client certificate based authentication, it doesn't works, any idea how to fix it.





    zip   19K 1 version

  • 4.  Re: GMU Export Failing

    Posted 07-05-2017 01:43 PM



    From reviewing the results file the error appears to related to some Portal integrated assertions. Is this gateway integrated with the CA API Portal? If not, do you know if someone imported policies that may relate to it.


    Another area to review is to ensure that you have no identity providers that are not setup properly as the GMU will try to pull all dependencies.




    Stephen Hughes

    Director, CA Support