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Reports are not visible inreporting console after running performance test

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  • 1.  Reports are not visible inreporting console after running performance test

    Posted 05-23-2017 01:50 AM

    Hi Team,

     Actually I am trying to do performance testing using LISA Dev test work station 8.01. Below are the steps that I have followed. 1)Created a staging document with few no. of users. 2)Created a test suite and linked the staging document created above. 3)Executed the test suite successfully. Problem: While the test suite execution is running mode, report showing metrics are visible. But as soon as test is execute results can be visible in reporting console only. But when I am checking the reporting database connection using reporting console the connection which it is showing is different and test cases are also different. After going the LISA documentation, I have uncommitted the derby data connection as it is the default DB used by LISA.Attachment containsDB connection string but still reporting console is showing the different connection string and my reports are not visible under reporting console. Can somebody guide where is this configuration picking from or what needs to change to view my reports. Attachment contains relevant snapshot. Please let me know if any other info is needed.

              Appreciate your effort for helping in advance.




  • 2.  Re: Reports are not visible inreporting console after running performance test
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    Posted 05-23-2017 05:39 AM

    Hi Shekhar

    Your database details need to be specified in the file - there is a template supplied named as - please copy this to and modify accordingly.


    As an observation, one should never modify - adding to and to will override any of the values in 


    The database connection details specified in will be propagated to any DevTest component when it connects to the registry - thus the details will be passed to the coordinator and simulators so that they "understand" where to send the metrics. The passing of properties is only true for those specified in 


    Please see Property Descriptions - DevTest Solutions - 8.0 - CA Technologies Documentation 



    I should also point out that you must use the Load Test Report Generator when you are doing load testing. You will encounter problems if you do not use this, and the use of other report generator types is not supported


    Please see Load Test Report Generator - DevTest Solutions - 8.0 - CA Technologies Documentation  for more information

  • 3.  Re: Reports are not visible inreporting console after running performance test

    Posted 05-29-2017 07:28 AM

    Hi Dave,


    Thanks for the reply. As per the suggestions, I have modified to have the existing oracle database connection and restarted the dev test. But still I can see the attached connection string in reporting console as which is not the same that I have configured in

     I have checked the workstation log and below is error generated 

    2017-05-26 07:21:07,581Z (12:51) [Event Sink Thread Pool Thread 5] INFO com.itko.lisa.stats.MetricControllerImpl - Error retrieving metric
    com.itko.lisa.test.EventDeliveryException: Timeout putting events on internal event handler queue. This usually indicates an overloaded system. Googled the same and found that it might be because of overloaded database but I have checked the database and found it has enough space available. Can you please guide on this.

      Appreciate your effort inadvance for helping!!!!

  • 4.  Re: Reports are not visible inreporting console after running performance test

    Posted 05-30-2017 05:18 AM


    Sorry to have to ask these questions - you have probably already checked these things.

    Have you ensured that you have not specified the database in or the vmoptions files?

    Are you using the Load Test Report Generator? 

    Have you shut down everything and deleted lisatmp before restarting? 


    As an aside, an overloaded database is one where the processing capacity is exhausted rather than one that has no space for data. Similar symptoms may be encountered when network latency is the dominant factor in the database transaction time. What are your ping times from the various components (registry, coordinator, simulator, VSE, workstation) to the database? What does the registry log show the db  ping time as?