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Confusion with Jaspersoft Field(s)

  • 1.  Confusion with Jaspersoft Field(s)

    Posted 10-15-2015 10:56 AM

    My team is relatively new to CA PPM and we're attempting to utilize advanced reporting to report on baselines. However, we are confused how the calculation for Total Baseline Hours occurs in the Project Management Domain. The domain's seem very vague to me, but I may just be missing something.


    What is the best way to check something like this? I tried to view the domain in Jaspersoft's Domain Designer, but I was unable to find anything useful for the attribute(JoinTree_1.DWH_INV_SUMMARY_FACTS.BASE_TOTAL_HOURS).


    Any help is appreciated! We'd really like to have a better understanding in this area.

  • 2.  Re: Confusion with Jaspersoft Field(s)

    Posted 10-27-2015 02:53 PM


    The values in DWH_INV_SUMMARY_FACTS, and in your example, DWH_INV_SUMMARY_FACTS.BASE_TOTAL_HOURS are getting summed up from the values in DWH_INV_ASSIGN_PERIOD_FACTS table.


    And before the data gets to DWH with Load Data Warehouse job, in PPM, the data is taken from view DWH_INV_ASSIGN_PER_FACTS_V. There is no way for you to actually see this from the Domain properties, I think the only thing you will see is the table/fields, but it won't show where the actual data is coming from.


    Please let me know for any questions.


    Kind Regards


    Nika Hadzhikidi
    CA Technologies
    Principal Support Engineer