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CA PAM - Windows Proxy

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  • 1.  CA PAM - Windows Proxy

    Posted 07-26-2016 09:58 AM

    Hello All,

    Good day!


    What is the significance of CA PAM windows proxy and how it works?



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    Posted 07-26-2016 10:21 AM

    Hi ManicRaj,

    From the CA PAM Credential Management Implementation Guide (version 2.6):


    . The Windows Proxy connector and the Windows Domain Services connector both


    manage Windows accounts. Use the Windows Proxy connector to manage Active Directory and


    Local Windows accounts, as well as the passwords for local Windows services and scheduled tasks.


    This connector uses Windows APIs to make updates to the account, services and scheduled tasks


    passwords. The connector can optionally query one or more DNS servers to find domain controllers.


    The Windows Proxy connector uses HTTPS and AES encryption for secure communications.


    You find a lot more information on the Windows Proxy in this guide. There is a separate guide, CA PAM Peripheral Implementation Guide, that contains install instructions.