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CEM and JSON support

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  • 1.  CEM and JSON support

    Posted 05-21-2015 04:36 AM
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    Hello Team




    We have some transactions for which CEM (APM is 9.5 version) is not showing the response bodies, so also during transaction discovery CEM doesn't recognize transaction parameters.


    These transactions are using JSON data format.


    Does CEM support JSON?


    If not, is JSON support in product roadmap e for which version?


    Thanks in advance.



    Antonello Chiaravalle

    CA Technologies

    Principal Services Consultant

    Tel:        +39 06524 70257

    Mobile: +393358485114





  • 2.  Re: CEM and JSON support

    Posted 05-21-2015 05:18 AM

    Hi Antonello,


    Not sure about support, but can you try below option ?


    Are you defining or adding the "Content-Type" as  -

    "application/json"  for JSON

    "application/javascript" for JSONP ?


    While recording the transaction ?


    Please confirm.




  • 3.  Re: CEM and JSON support

    Posted 05-21-2015 06:04 AM


    you can add content type and register a JSON request as http request without url parameters, but problem is not this.

    Modern web interface use Ajax/JSON to communicate with server side web app and request/response parameters are in request body or response body

    but at moment can't be used to identify components.

    JSON request/response should be treated as XML and added where XML request type is present. At least

    1) Business Services -> Component -> Tab Identification

    2) Business Application -> Session identification


    is this feature present in CEM 9.7.x or present in some roadmap ?

  • 4.  Re: CEM and JSON support
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    Posted 05-21-2015 09:19 AM

    CEM supports HTTP plugins.  Contact your local CA Pre-Sales representative and he should be able to get you a copy of the JSON HTTP Plugin for CEM.

  • 5.  Re: CEM and JSON support

    Posted 06-02-2015 09:54 PM



    please see CEM JSON Plugin.