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Tech Tip: CA Directory - How to set up TIME log

  • 1.  Tech Tip: CA Directory - How to set up TIME log

    Posted 07-16-2015 10:16 AM

    One customer has raised two questions:

    1. Why is DSA startup time is taking too long?

    2. How can they configure/setup logging so that they get 'transaction view' where they can figure out how long certain queries (search,add,modify) take?




    1. DSAs are loading up the cache during startup time. This is in order to have much quicker performance during run-time. This is by design. Considering the amount of data loaded to your cache it can take a relatively long time for the DSA to start and get to a fully functional state.


    2. There are two ways to do that:

    - You can set up a QUERY log. This is not OOTB. Once setup, it records EVERY transaction (search, add, delete, modify) that takes place as a one liner in query log.. which also includes the timestamp.

    - You can also set up a TIME log with threshold. So any query (again … search, add, delete, modify) taking > the defined time threshold, will be written to TIME log


    Instructions on how to set this up is as easy as looking at DXHOME/config/logging/ file

    You will find all you need (along with list of all 13 types of LOGS that we can configure.. out of which 5 are default)

    i.e. TRACE, WARN, STATS, SUMMARY and DIAG are configured OOTB. Other 8 are optional and can be configured if one wants.




    Sagi Gabay

    CA Technologies