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Include password in a welcome email when on-boarding a user.

  • 1.  Include password in a welcome email when on-boarding a user.

    Posted 06-24-2015 12:30 PM



    How to send a welcome email to users who are on-boarded and include their new password.




    Including the %PASSWORD% in an email policy contents page that's triggered on task completion is not helping. In this way the password on the email is encrypted and user can not use it to login.




    The only way to get the password un-encrypted is before it gets to the user directory. Once in the directory, there is no way to recover or decrypt the password. Therefore, the idea is to intercept the password as it's being entered, then use that in the email.


    To do that we needed to:

    1. Introduce a global logical attribute to be included in the task as well as the PX policy.

    2. Use a PX policy on submission of the task and copy the %PASSWORD% into the new logical attribute.

    3. Create a Email Policy on task completion and in the contents tab make use of the new logical attribute.



    Note: To create a new logical attribute you need to compile a blank class , deploy correctly and then define a LAH Handler that includes the name of this new logical attribute. After a restart , this attribute will be available for use in 1-3 above.




    Sagi Gabay

    CA Technologies.