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Turn On and Off Agents

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  • 1.  Turn On and Off Agents

    Posted 05-19-2015 11:35 PM

    Hi all,


    The customer environment has around 300+ TIBCO BW engines running. We have enabled only around 30-40 BWs  engines for monitoring. The current set up is like whenever we get request, we edit application tra file to enable monitoring.


    They came with a request whether there is a possibility of enabling apm monitoring with least manual intervention. Eg : If they make an entry in bwengine.tra or application.tra once , they should be able to turn it on or off from Introscope side or some other way. This is to avoid all the dependencies in getting the approval from the higher management when they want to enable monitoring. So, each time they want to start monitoring a BW service, they dont have to make any changes at the application level or engine level, instead 'turn on or off the agent'.


    I could not think of any other than shutting down the agent from Introscope, but it is not useful as the agents will still be running in the application server and will definitely cause a problem if I enable agent for all.


    Any ideas or suggestions?



  • 2.  Re: Turn On and Off Agents
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    Posted 05-20-2015 02:14 AM

    Hi Geethu,


    Totally understand your problem.
    As you mentioned, you can On and Off agents from the Investigator, but you cannot disable the agent without making any changes in .tra files or JVM arguments.


    But the only work-around I would suggest is to make a Automation Service Console to deploy or undeploy the agents at BW engine.[Definitely that requires some extra efforts :-| ]



    You can make a simple shell script which will -

    1. Make changes in Introscope Properties file and uncomment the directives pointing to list of PBD's and PBL's and point to one simple PBD.
      This change will make sure no overhead is been done due to instrumentation.
    2. Also Script can trigger CLW command to shut-off the list of agents.
      This step you can perform using Investigator also.


    I agree that it's a manual effort but atleast end-objective would be achieved.


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