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nas.db and supp.db skipped by backup

  • 1.  nas.db and supp.db skipped by backup

    Posted 10-02-2007 09:09 PM
    (Nimbus newbie)

    I've just installed nimbus. My overnight backup skipped ..\nimbus\probes\service\nas.db and supp.db. I'm guessing its alright to exclude them from my nightly backup , but does anybody know what they are and whether I need them if I'm recovering the server from tape etc. ?



  • 2.  nas.db and supp.db skipped by backup

    Posted 10-04-2007 06:04 PM

    I am not completely sure about the purpose of those files, but I think they are database files that contain the current alarm list. If you should ever restore from backup without those files, you would probably end up with an empty or outdated alarm list. However, going back to the alarm list from your last backup is probably not going to be very helpful anyway. You are probably better off starting clean and getting alarms for current problems.

    I just checked, and we have those files excluded from our backups too. Unless your NimBUS environment is doing nothing at all, the files probably change way to often to get a clean backup. I am sure we started excluding them because they were failing to backup.