Service Virtualization

Is there a service catalog? anyone built one, willing to discuss

  • 1.  Is there a service catalog? anyone built one, willing to discuss

    Posted 05-20-2015 11:06 AM

    We have a lot of potential services to build and maintain.. for both internal and external providers


    some of our products connect to our financial system, and its unlikely we would ever put up a full scale test system.. so SV/DevTest is a great solution for that..


    but where do you find the list of available service simulations? and the details?  version, owner, transations supported, performance rating, where the mar and dependant files might be..

    part of the DevTest product value here is not recreating the same simulation over and over, and having ONE we know is right.


    some of our products connect to UPS and Fedex.. there is no reason to create more than ONE service simulation for each. course they change over time.. so versioning.

    it would be better to add one more transaction to the existing service definition, than create another one from scratch.. if only I KNEW where to look for existing services.


    the dashboard/registry can give you a tree of what is running right now.. but it doesn't tell you what IS available, and what they could do.


    altho I am generally against storing binary's in source control, using a git implementation to hold the mar files (and dependencies), might be a reasonable solution.


    One could write a web app that accepted mar files, unzipped them to get the xml def and use that to populate a database of service info. I haven't looked at the level of detail one could add to the definition

    (owner, version, .,.. other metadata) and whether the code can discover the transactions supported.  I really dislike manually re-typing data a computer holds somewhere.


    anyone have any ideas, this doesn't sound too futuristic..